October 26, 2017

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  • Whitman came downstairs a bit after 7 this morning and asked to sleep with us. That was certainly fine but I guess that he didn't realize that it was already wake up time. The house was chilly and still pretty dark. Graham was still asleep and I am not sure about Anderson so the boy was probably pretty confused.
  • Whitman was ready to head to school today because it was "L" day, and he had finger "L"ights to pass out to everyone. They also played on the outside playground all day long which is thrilling when you are 4.
  • The rest of us had our first full day of school this week. We did our work together (well, some of it-we do have to start back gradually). I also did all of my work with everyone else. Anderson was not too happy with me because I made him type his writing lesson for the day. I would think that this would be a positive because it did allow him to skip tying today. They have been doing a little typing program on the computer, but I am beginning to think that the best way to learn that is by just doing.
  • We finished around noon and the kids were ready to go outside-more trick shot filming had been planned. I did hold them off until after lunch and chores. Then I went through Campbell and Reagan's bins of winter clothes. They don't have that many and Reagan is still picky so their clothes are few. Since Reagan wears the same thing over and over, it will be fine though.
  • The neighbors were out most of the afternoon so the kids were too. Nonna and Pops brought Whitman home after playing at their house for a bit, and he was quick to stay outside with Robby.
  • We worked in the yard for a bit and around supper time, we started scrambling around. Everyone changed and ate, and before too long Campbell and I were in one car and the others were in another car.
  • I took Campbell to basketball tryouts tonight. She was cute out there trying her best. Robby took the others to start Booseum downtown. They started their event at the Mosaic Templer. Robby said that it was the best stop of the evening-games, prizes, candy, cupcakes, drinks, popcorn. It took them over and hour to make this stop. There were a total of 9 stops and if you made them all then you were able to enter your name for a drawing.
  • I was quite surprised that the first stop took them an hour and they were just on the 3rd stop when Campbell and I arrived after her practice. It was the Arts Center stop and it was kind of sad. There wasn't much to it at all. So the kids and Robby had to tell us all about what we had missed.
  • Next up was MacArthur Museum and the highlight there was getting to pop a balloon to win a prize. Whitman won a yo-yo and he promptly told the man that he couldn't do that. The very next station, Whitman was given a yo-yo again. He was less than happy. Thankfully, he had many brothers and sisters that were willing to trade with him. 
  • Tomorrow we are going to the Historic Arkansas Museum but we also went there tonight. They had a cake walk and my big boys played until they won. Then they played until everyone won. We came home with at least 2 boxes of twinkies. 
  • There was also the Old State House which was a pretty neat stop with more candy than the other stops. From there, we hightailed it to the Nature Center because the clock was ticking. When we walked up, there doors were closed and someone said that they closed at 8. We still just walked right in when someone walked out since we had until 8:30 and needed our stamps.
  • Robby said that he felt like we were on the show Amazing Race running all over town stopping at all of the museums. At some of the stops, he would drop of us and at others, he were find a spot and we would all jump out.
  • Somewhere during the evening we stopped at Curran Hall and the NLR Heritage Center. Our final stop was at the Museum of Discovery. We had plenty of time there and the kids were so impressed with putting rubber bands around a pumpkin-when enough rubber bands were around the pumpkin then the pumpkin would burst. They worked and worked but their pumpkin never did burst. We did see a few on the floor that had already opened up. They are making plans for doing this at home soon.
  • We finished all 9 stops by 8:30 and walked the final few blocks back to the car. Robby took me to my car, and then I followed him to Dairy Queen. We had to get our free weekly Blizzards. It was a bit night out and by the time that we made it home, Whitman was sound asleep-I could have been too.
  • Robby and I unloaded the car (candy, costumes, trash and Whitman) while the kids put on their pjs and brushed their teeth. Then it was bedtime because tomorrow might just be as busy as today!

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