October 22, 2017

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  • I think that Robby and I slept in a bit too long this morning. We were at less than an hour left when we did finally get out of bed. There is never any panic when we do wake up late; I just went about getting myself ready while he stirred the sleeping kids. The big boys were already awake, dressed and playing xbox.
  • After I had finished getting ready, I made sure that Whitman put on his clothes and did the girls' hair. Again this Sunday, we had multiple different seasons happening-there were boots and there were also sandals. We will get it together one day but today was not the day.
  • We made it to church and were able to see Nonna and Pops before the service started but it was already beginning when we made it Grannymom and Grandpa's pew. Since changing services, we do have to arrive a wee bit earlier but gracious, we couldn't be any happier.
  • Whitman sat between Robby and I during church and he did seem to do a bit better. Once Robby told him to be still and he shot back, "but it is so hard for me." That couldn't be any more true.
  • We celebrated Pops' birthday at their house today. Nonna had made a big lunch which poor Pops' couldn't have any of because he is eating healthily right now. He opened his presents-a vacuum and gift cards. The kids had some time to play and then we headed home.
  • At home, Robby and I snoozed while the kids had themselves a bit ole time downstairs. We napped today in the bonus room and it is always interesting walking down the steps wondering what exactly you will find. Today, things were pretty decent and the only highlight was baking soda all of the kitchen floor.
  • When it was supper time, I read some school stuff to the kids as they cleaned out the fridge with all of their supper choices. Tomorrow will be a bit crazy during school time so we did what we could tonight. Then it was time to pick up the house and take showers. 
  • After that, we all watched one tv show before putting everyone into bed. It is now ice cream time and then there will be no more ice cream until next weekend.
  • Tonight while we were watching a show about two people getting married, Whitman told me that I should have married a different Daddy. Robby did take Whitman's ipad away from him for the day and I think that Whitman was still a bit bitter about this. He continued to tell me that our Daddy is too bossy.

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