October 28, 2017

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  • Whitman came downstairs around 6:30 this morning. He then went back to sleep until 8. I was awake from 7 on but didn't move out of the bed. I kind of felt like a Walmart greeter greeting everyone as the came in our room this morning. "Can I eat breakfast?" yes "Can I play the xbox?" yes "What can I eat?" I don't care "Can you help me find something?" no "Do we have any waffles?" no  "Can I go outside?" yes "How long should I put this in the microwave?" 12 seconds. This went on and on and surprisingly, Whitman slept through it all and Robby did a really great job of acting like he was sleeping through all of this.
  • We finally did get out of the bed. Robby tried to get a shower and was met with cold water. That wasn't how he wanted to start his morning. My first task was picking up the kitchen which quickly becomes a mess when everyone finds their own breakfasts.
  • Graham packed for Grannymom and Grandpa to come and pick him up. They were headed home to watch the Hogs play. Grandpa and Robby fixed the hot water heater (Later in the day, the gas company came saying that had a something or another happen someplace so now they had to check all of the houses to make sure all gas appliances were working. Not sure, but it involved the gas lady going all around the house checking furnaces and hot water heaters. This all did mean that the hot water heater wasn't breaking and only messed up because of whatever happened.)
  • During the first half of the game, we sorted 7 million legos. Anderson spends hours in the lego nook each week but none of those hours are spent putting up the legos that he plays with. We moved things around and now have everything looking spic and span. It was probably last for about 2 days.
  • Then we had lunch followed by me helping Anderson make a truck during the second half of the game. We finally finished just as the game was over. Robby decided that maybe Graham being at Grannymom's house was good luck for the Hogs so he will probably have to go to their house for the rest of the football season.
  • After the game, the kids all headed outside to the neighbors house. I eventually had to call Reagan and Anderson home to go their Fall Party for the preteens at church. I met Jodee and she took them which was great for me!
  • Then I came home to pick up everyone else and we headed out to eat. Due to a coupon and a gift card mix up, we only paid 5 bucks for our meal at PeiWei tonight. That couldn't have been better but now we have eaten out two nights in a row...which is okay since we didn't have any food in this house.
  • I could spend everyone Friday and Saturday night at the grocery store but gracious, they are reorganizing my store and things are all  mixed up. Nothing makes me more upset than that. Cokes were in the produce section, juice boxes were by the meat and straws weren't to be found anywhere. We still did some damage but one thing that makes me super happy is watching my total start off pretty high and then creep downward with all of the sales and coupons. If I could only get it to creep downward to the 2 digit numbers that would be wonderful!
  • At the grocery store tonight, Whitman said that his ear felt funny. By the time we left the store, he was saying that his ear hurt. It is the same ear that Dr. Martin said had fluid in it earlier this week. So maybe that fluid is really 12 weeks old and has just become infected or maybe he was getting a cold (with really no other symptoms) which caused new fluid which is now infected. Either way, the boy was pretty pitiful by the time we made it home.
  • Once at home, Robby and I pulled the groceries out of the car and then Campbell and Keaton helped me unload them while Robby went to pick up Anderson, Reagan and Kennedy from their Fall Party. 
  • When the groceries were unloaded, I put Whitman in the shower hoping that would help. Then I battled him with some Tylenol. He ended up drinking it fine and was happy to do eardrops. Just about as soon as I put them in his ear, he snuggled with me and fell sound asleep. Of course, all I could hear in my head was my voice telling him on Monday that he had to get his flu shot to keep him healthy. Just 6 days later, he isn't healthy!
  • When Robby came in with the others, he made Whitman a spot by our bed and I laid him down. He hasn't moved since then so hopefully, he will sleep well tonight. His ear might be the reason that he has been waking up the past few nights coming downstairs.
  • The girls had already had showers and the big kids then took them. Reagan and Kennedy were playing upstairs so we didn't let Campbell and Keaton go up. This caused them to be very sour which led to them getting to sleep in Anderson's room with him. He acted like he wasn't pleased with this but that boy does not like to be alone so I am pretty sure that he was secretly glad that someone was with him. (Whitman is downstairs and Graham is at Grannymom's house.)
  • As Anderson was going to bed tonight, I asked him about his fall party. This being his first preteen party, I was curious. He had lots of fun playing but he did not enjoy the hayride. Anderson said that it was a 35 minute hay ride which had to go around 5 acres. He continued with "it went 3 miles per hour, putt, putt, putt." He ended with saying that the hayride was "pointless." Man, he is just a little Robby.
  • 10:30 update: We heard the pitter patter of little feet and then heard Whitman shout, "Where is everybody?" He wasn't pleased to learn that they were all asleep. He sat in my lap for a bit and then asked to sleep in his bed. Ha! That is where Keaton was banished too. I did convince him to sleep next to me while on the floor. He is currently laying back down so we will see what happens!
  • 10:55 update: This time we heard our bedroom door slam close. He was down at least long enough for us to eat our weekend ice cream. Now, this time he asked to sleep in his "normal" bed. Again, that one is already occupied tonight. Gracious me! Who knows where everyone will be sleeping tonight.

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