October 19, 2017

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  • Whitman joined us around 3:30ish this morning. At first, I know that we were pretty close to my side but by morning, I think that we were both sleeping on Robby's side of the bed with him. I asked Whitman later why he came down and he said that he was scared and his glow stick had stopped working.
  • Keaton joined us in bed for a bit and then I could wait no more to get out of the bed-it is hot sleeping in the middle and I had to go to the bathroom. I did go ahead and get up-some days, I feel like I have done a whole days worth of work in the first 10 minutes that I am awake. 
  • The kids are always hungry in the morning time and were anxious to eat breakfast. We had waffles and pancakes this morning. I read a bit as everyone ate and then we loaded Whitman up to go to school. He had to take his homework, his show and tell and a picture to school today. He is just in preschool-I can't imagine everyone having to take a zillion things to school each day.
  • We did our work together and then everyone started on school. I was able to finish my part a bit early (just 10 or so minutes but that is reason to celebrate for me!) When Whitman came home, I greeted him at the door and he was quick to tell me all about his school day. He did say that Ryker was his new friend at school. For the longest, he hasn't been able to tell me anyone's names in his class. So glad he at least knows someone's name. 
  • We had lunch and I read a plethora of books to everyone. Then the kids worked on their chores and finished up school. I started to work on changing over Whitman's clothes. I am not sure how it has happened but the boy will have no pants this season. I wondered if they had gotten moved to another box but after checking all the way to size 7, he just has no pants. The only thing that I can figure is that Anderson and then Graham completely wore out all of their pants. 
  • After a while, the kids ran to Dairy Queen for their weekly Blizzard run. Whitman stayed at home with me-he doesn't like ice cream from Dairy Queen and I was busy with the big clothes change over. I finished Whitman's clothes and then went through the next boxes for the big boys. Their "next boxes" seem to get smaller and smaller. I am sure that my big boys will need more things than just a few pairs of pants. 
  • I had finished my project when the others came home. The played inside for a bit and then they went outside. Campbell stayed the longest outside and barely had her shower before the Wilsons came over for supper. We fed them in exchange for Tony bringing our flu shots. The kids are all upset that I have their flu shots scheduled for next week. 
  • We ended the evening with some leftover Blizzard cake. The Wilson's couldn't stay long and after they had been gone over an hour, Graham came down and asked where they were. We watched a tv show before sending everyone to bed.

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