October 5, 2017

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  • I am not sure who came in our room this morning-I do know that it was one of the kids. Not sure exactly which one. They have been all waking up earlier and earlier. I know I have said before that I want to be a morning person-I think I take that back! (Nah, not really. I do want to wake up early so I can just be quiet for a few minutes.)
  • I had made batter for banana chocolate chip muffins this morning. And like most things I do around here, some people were pleased and others were not. I did say that they would eat their muffins or they wouldn't get lunch. It probably wasn't the best way for me to start the day off. 
  • Robby took Whitman to school this morning and the rest of us started on school. We did our work together and that went smoothly (well, as smooth as I expect for it to go.) Then everyone started on their own work. 
  • Graham and Reagan switched desks a few days ago. He is now back in the school room and she has his old desk by Robby's office. Graham wrote a paragraph today about how he couldn't wait to switch back and how he didn't like his new desk. He was already in a foul mood today so I think that might be the reason for his paragraph. 
  • However, I think it just might work-Reagan does her own thing and breezes through school often distracting anyone that is around since she has plenty of time to talk. I am in my bedroom during school time (folding laundry and working individually with everyone) so Graham being right next door works well because he is much closer to me. Whitman is already asking for a desk but there isn't any room for one more. Maybe I can get someone to give up their desk and just start working at the kitchen table.
  • Whitman came home and the rest of us eventually had lunch. Every single day-lunch! I did mix things up a bit today and have cheese on hot dog buns for the majority of our lunch since we were running low on bread. That did get me 5 out of 6 thumbs up. 
  • Afterwards, it was chore time around here. I think that everything was completed-except possibly the potties. We did all work together and pick up the bonus room. Anderson's legos had taken them over-I am not sure how those legos multiply but they sure do. My goal is for that area to be spotless by birthdays and Christmas.
  • This afternoon we went to Dairy Queen for our weekly blizzards. This was just the second time that they have flipped them upside down for us and they were made correctly. They are pretty good when they aren't liquidy. 
  • We then ran home for a few minutes and turned back around to head to Nonna's house. Today we celebrated Jason's birthday. I volunteered to make the cake and then I realized that I had a few in my freezer so it was a Heath birthday cake. Jason seemed to enjoy his gifts and the kids enjoyed throwing the football and playing a few games before we came home.
  • The kids had showers and a bit of downtime before bed. Tomorrow will be an early morning for everyone.

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