October 16, 2017

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  • Most of the kids were stirring as we were getting up this morning.  We had powdered donuts yesterday and there were leftovers -- so that might have been why a few were up and eating.
  • Soon Whitman was dressed and he and Robby were out the door. His class was playing outside today in the 'garden' area which included some water playing too so he was excited about going to school. (But he usually is no matter what activity is planned.)
  • Back here we were on a mission to get school done since I would heading out for an eye appointment in the early afternoon.  We got most of the work done and I left them with the rest of their school work and chores to be done and lunch to be made.
  • When I returned home, school work was done and chores for the most part were done and most of the kids were playing board games. And Nonna and Pops were soon arriving to drop off Whitman.  They brought snacks too so that was a hit with everyone. 
  • Then we sent everyone outside to enjoy some of this beautiful weather.  I took turns with each kid to cull through shoes to figure out who had out grown what and who could fit into any hand me downs.  I managed to clear out quite a few shoes.
  • Robby went outside when he was done with work for some football throws and drone flying.  I left for a few errands before Bunko at Sara's tonight.
  • Meanwhile, Robby reports the kids trickled back in for showers and then a pizza supper. (Robby had me pick up a few mystery shops on my way home from my eye appointment so they would have supper tonight.)
  • They ended up the night watching a Shark Tank and a Toy Box before everyone brushed their teeth and headed to bed.
  • A bit of news -- we did sell our minivan today to a man and wife with no kids ?!?! They needed a minivan for their therapy dog. A lot of memories in the van... we bought it in 2008 when we knew were expecting Graham.  We took a few big road trips in the van including a West Coast trip to Oregon, Yellowstone all with a big Roof Bag with much of our luggage on top of the van.  It was a good car but with the kids legs growing longer and Robby no longer wanting to be a minivan soccer 'dad' - I don't think he was too sad to see it go.

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