October 12, 2017

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  • This was an exciting morning at the Dennie house. There were lots of monkey bread leftovers for breakfast. We usually only have monkey bread at Christmas so this was a big deal. I had a few bites myself and even though it was still beautiful, it didn't seem to heat up extremely well. That made me a bit sad but no one really seemed to care-they pretty much inhaled it.
  • Whitman and Keaton didn't eat any. They had their eyes set on pop tarts so I let them. Tomorrow we will all go back to the breakfast menu (though tomorrow is muffins and since I am already behind for tomorrow and that day hasn't even started yet, it probably won't be muffins for breakfast.) 
  • Whitman was having a big day at school-picture day, he was bringing a pillow for show and tell because it started with the letter "p," and he was the snack helper. Big time stuff for the little guy and he was excited to get into Robby's car.
  • We managed school today-some days are just easier than others and today wasn't one of those easy days. We did survive and soon Campbell was headed off with Nonna and Pops to do some birthday shopping. 
  • Whitman and Robby arrived home and the rest of worked on finishing school. I then started on sandwiches. Everyone ate as we read a few books. Then, it was chore time along with quite a bit school catch up. 
  • Some of us did run to Dana's house to lay out our garage sale stuff. I have quite a bit of stuff-though if I can just make 50 bucks, I will be super happy. No one really questioned any of the items that I put in the garage sale except for Whitman. He cried about me selling his scooter (he doesn't ride it, it is too small and there are 4 other ones here). He cried about leaving Robby's red car there so some one might see it and buy it. Don't feel too sorry for him because I did let him bring home one tiny toy. 
  • Once we made it home, the kids played outside some while I showered. Then before I was ready, it was time to leave for Refresh tonight. It was great again-the kids enjoyed it. We had taco salad and the kids had chicken strips. Everyone was happy but hungry when I picked everyone up.
  • Tomorrow is a busy day around here-school, packing and football.

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