October 27, 2017

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  • I had told Robby last night that I would really like to wake up early and make muffins this morning. We both laughed knowing that even though I would really like to do this, it was never going to happen. Especially since it was well after 1 when we had that conversation. 
  • Whitman crawled into bed with us around 4. He told me something when he came in bed and I assumed that he was just complaining that he wasn't in his pjs. I didn't change his clothes last night when I put him in bed; I just added a pull up. I was awake enough to understand him asking to sleep in the middle. I guess it was probably because Whitman was pushing Robby out of the bed, that Robby was the one who woke up to make my muffins this morning.
  • While I was getting ready, Robby fed everyone and even read to them our morning readings. We didn't have to leave until after 8:30, so we were able to get a bit of things done this morning. 
  • Then it was off to the Historic Arkansas Museum. I was pretty excited about this event and was pleased to see that there was no rain in the forecast this morning-just overcast. We were still on 630 when it started raining and we could hear the thunder. It was our group and 2 other groups that were there and while we were in the opening, I guess the bottom fell out. Because of the lightening, we couldn't go out to the houses on the grounds.
  • That meant that we were divided into groups and rotated around the building to different areas. It was fine-nothing like churning butter right by the bathrooms or learning about candles in the entryway. I was just a bit bummed with the whole event. They did offer that we could come back any Tuesday if we just let them know and I think for sure that we will try it again. It did make me super glad that we went to Old Washington a few weeks ago.
  • Afterwards, I figured that since we were downtown, we should go to the downtown library. The kids were under impressed. Reagan is reading Harry Potter so she doesn't need a book. Anderson is my slow reader and said he didn't need a book. Graham needs a book, but he quickly gave up. I don't know how to teach the kids that if they don't know what book they want, then they just have to look around for a book. Campbell quickly found a few books and Keaton and Whitman loaded up.
  • Then we ran to pick up a pizza and headed home for a late lunch. After lunch, we did a little bit of nothing. There was some movie making, some ipad playing, Whitman tried to watch a movie on the tv but the disc was bad, there was some nap taking (me-in defense, I have been battling a cold since at least Tuesday) and there was a lot of outside playing.
  • The outside playing meant that there was lots of jacket getting and lots of glove and hat finding. I do think that use of a parka, hat and gloves might have been a bit much but I certainly let it happen since they were outside and happy. Everyone stayed outside until almost 7 when we had to call them home.
  • As soon as they came in, we all walked out the door. We needed something to do tonight and headed to El Chico to eat supper. The cheese dip was good and plentiful but we are yet to find our favorite Friday night supper stop. Next time we might just go to Kroger and buy what we need and then buy something fun for supper. 
  • When we made it home, everyone had to have showers after the afternoon outside and after eating Mexican. After showers, the kids had a bit of ipad time before bed. 

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