October 24, 2017

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  • Another day of only being able to do a bit of school around here. That meant breakfast was grab what you want while I read a bit to you and then go and do your work. Whitman had about 2 bites of his pop tart when Robby called for him to load up. And yes, the "no eating in the car" rule is already gone. Life happens and people got to eat. 
  • Since it was a hurried morning that did mean that the kids get by with a bit less of school. They love this and I don't really mind since they are still doing a full day's worth. Everyone is at the end of their old math book or at the beginning of their next math book and somehow all of their math is pretty easy right now-Keaton is skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s, Campbell is doing graphs and charts, Graham is doing roman numerals, Anderson is doing powers and Reagan's math is easy but tricky. Right now she is doing things like (+3)-(-9) which the answer to that is positive 12. Who knew! I am having to relearn math along with her even though math was one of my favorites.
  • I left for Whitman's fall party. He is the funniest child because he was so excited during this party. Every game was the best and he sure didn't hesitate to tell Ms. Stacy about all of the fun that he had. He was on cloud 9 when we left and didn't hesitate to dump everything out of his goodie bags on the way home.
  • The kids were all finished with their school when I returned home. Anderson had laid out everything that he needed for me to check on the bar so soon all school work was finished. Soon Wes brought Michael over for the day. Candice is going out of town on a mission trip and their little man stayed behind with us today and tomorrow.
  • He wasn't too sure about Wes leaving but by the time he made it to the kitchen, he saw the boys playing and quickly joined them. He played with the boys for about 3.9 seconds and then the girls took him over. 
  • Campbell and Keaton have been no more than 2 feet from him the entire time that he has been here. They have said his name at least 2 billion times. Micheal would go outside-they would follow, Micheal would go upstairs-they would follow, Micheal would come inside-they would follow...you get the idea. It was quite comical to me, but they were exhausted by the end of the day!
  • Micheal did take a brief nap-he wasn't keen on the idea at all so I read him a book and bribed him with milk. That worked well and he did rest for about an hour. During that time, Graham and I changed over his clothes and I made 5 more signs. 
  • After Micheal did wake up, the kids really spent the rest of the afternoon outside. The boys were making a movie trailer all about trick shots. Reagan was did the filming and it was pretty funny hearing them all scream and yell with excitement when they completed one of their trick shots. Even though I was sitting inside of this cinder-block and brick house, I could hear them like they were in the next room. Glad we don't have close neighbors.
  • Robby came home eventually with pizza for supper. The kids gobbled it up and then it was shower time. The kids cycled through the showers. We all do showers over here but Micheal wanted a bath-I threw enough toys in the shower that he was happy but he did not want for me to shut the door. Ha! As soon as I pulled him out, I threw Whitman in. Whitman was delighted to have toys in the shower since all he usually gets to play with his a wash cloth.
  • The kids did some more movie making and then we watched a Toy Box tv show before going to bed. Whitman and Micheal stayed busy on the ipads while the rest of us watched the show. Then it was teeth brushing time and bed time for all. I put Micheal in my bedroom and with a big sippy cup of milk he went on to bed without a fuss. I think I might just get me a cup of milk too!

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