October 6, 2017

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  • I was up first this morning and the kids were told that they could come downstairs at 6:30. As soon as I turned on the lights in the mudroom. Anderson, Graham and Reagan all came down the stairs. They had been waiting on the clock to strike 6:30. Reagan went to the boys' room early and I think that they watched the clock and possibly moved it up a few minutes. They were dressed and ready to go.
  • Then I headed upstairs to wake up the others. The girls were sound asleep until I opened their blinds-even though it was still dark outside, it was bright in the mudroom so they were awake fairly quickly. I opened the boys' blinds and it was still dark and cozy. I picked up heavy Whitman and carted him down the stairs. 
  • We usually move slowly in the morning but when we have some place to go my kids can move pretty fast. I had packed one ice chest full of our food and Robby packed another one of drinks for us.
  • Graham, Campbell and I toasted our bagels and then we were all out the door by 7 this morning. We listened to our book on tape most of the way down to Old Washington State Park. We stopped when we were almost there to go to the bathroom since we were earlier than we needed.
  • We were early but Heather and Cate were already there and before we knew it, the Crafts were pulling up. We went in to pay and soon we were walking to sign up for our surrey ride. While we waited for the horse and buggy, then we walked through the courthouse and everyone wrote with their names with a feather pen.
  • Next up was the candle shop where we dipped candles to take home. Then half of the crew took their horse ride and we then took our ride. The ride was just around the block but it was quite a bit of fun.
  • Afterwards, we headed to the print shop where the kids were able to use a printing press. Then it was across the street to the gun museum. It was there that we took a picture of the girls sitting on a bench bored silly while the boys were inspecting every case. Even Whitman seemed to enjoy the guns and knives more than the girls.
  • Then it was down the road to play some Indian games. The kids loved this and could have stayed there forever. By this time, it was nearing lunch so we walked back to the cars to eat our lunch. There were picnic tables nearby in the shade so our picnic was perfect.
  • We walked back to the log cabin where we had a taste of cornbread. We watched a lady do some embroidering and then it was back to the man playing the Indian games. Graham loved the blacksmith shop and could have stayed in that smokey room listening to the man forever.
  • From there, we hiked back to the cars. Heather and Cate followed us to the Clinton Birthplace NHS. There aren't too many national park sites in Arkansas and surprisingly, we have seen very few of those. So I was excited to add one more stamp to our park passport books
  • The kids could not have been any more perfect today and during the tour of the Clinton home. This was the perfect group for the kids-they were pretty calm and things went incredibly smoothly. I was a bit worried about my crew in the Clinton home especially since there was a couple from California on our tour. I shouldn't have worried-they were incredibly attentive and respectful.
  • From there, I drove on by the Clinton boyhood home. I wasn't sure if it was part of the national park system and I'm still not. But either way, that house need a bit of TLC. It is all boarded up and looks pitiful. We took the opportunity to stop and pass out drinks and snacks that would get us all of the way home.
  • I talked to Robby and talked to Pops and then drove on home listening to our book on tape while the kids played their ipads. We were home before 5 and had a bit of downtime before quickly loading up to race to Menchies.
  • Their ice cream was buy 1 get 1 until 7, and since the kids had some gift cards, we were sitting pretty. The kids all had some and on the way home, Robby ran into Kroger to pick up groceries to make chili. 
  • Once at home, the kids started on showers and by the time they had all finished, the chili was ready. It was a late supper but everyone ate up-probably because they were pretty hungry by that time. We then watched one tv show before heading to bed! 

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