October 4, 2017

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  • The girls woke up early again this morning. Campbell was in my bed before my alarm went off this morning. She was already looking up stuff on amazon on my phone. By the time that my alarm rang, Whitman had joined us too but I went ahead and climbed on out of bed to get ready.
  • Most everyone already had their clothes on. Whitman has such a hard time following directions-he just gets so distracted. What should take him 3 minutes takes 20! I guess that is just a part of being 4.
  • Everyone grabbed their own breakfasts this morning. Graham had a bagel with me but I guess that Reagan has given up bagels since getting her braces. Reagan did have cereal and I think most everyone else had pop tarts. I had my bagel and it is the highlight of my Wednesdays-maybe I should have bought a few more bagels in NYC since I enjoy them so much.
  • Bible study this morning and Whitman was excited to tell me that "God was with us all the time" when I picked him up. We ate our lunch at the park and celebrated Charlotte's birthday. 
  • Afterwards, the big girls went home with Jodee, the little girls went home with Candice, the middle sisters went home with Sara and that just left the boys with me. So I headed home with just my 3 boys and Noah. It was a pretty sweet deal!
  • The boys paid no attention to me this afternoon. I did read Whitman a few books but other than that, he was happy on his ipad. The boy played the xbox some and worked a bit on legos. I saw them when I passed out a snack and then when I gave them some supper. Noah ate all of my leftover pasta but my boys had little to none that was in their bowl.
  • After dropping Noah off, everyone else met back at church. I told Whitman that we were going to see Grannymom, Grandpa, Nonna and Pops and he said that he didn't want to to go to big church. I guess he thought that it was Sunday morning.
  • Church was fine tonight since my job was just playground duty. After collecting all of my people, we headed home. The kids acted a fool on the way home-I am not sure why people are not able to sit next to each other for a simple ride home.
  • Once we were home, it was time to brush teeth and after a few minutes, everyone headed to bed.

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