October 11, 2017

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  • Wednesday morning here and Whitman did snuggle with us for a bit before leaving to go and watch a movie. He did come back briefly after Anderson didn't help him get his movie and breakfast. Usually, his brothers take pretty good care of him in the morning time but I guess Anderson was distracted today.
  • I had to roll out of bed to help Whitman with his milk and then it was upstairs to wake up the sleeping girls. Reagan's first words to me were, "how did the monkey bread work?" I told her that they were just absolutely perfect. Actually, they were the prettiest monkey breads that I have ever made. I told Robby last night that they were so pretty that I could have cried!
  • We had to take Robby to pick up his car this morning so there were lots of questions about exactly where we were going. My kids just love Bible study and Reagan was on cloud 9 bringing in her monkey breads for snacks. (Campbell realized that her class didn't have snack next week so she has now signed up for snack next week and then in two weeks...and she is already planning what she is going to bring. She actually wanted to make next Wednesday's snack this afternoon.)
  • At Bible study this morning, Whitman saw a pile of pumpkins and wanted his picture made with them. He would not take no for an answer. Tonight, he had to have a picture by the fall fest decorations. After Bible study, we headed to the park for a bit, and it was cold to me. The kids never complained and the sun would peek through and warm us up. 
  • After the park, we had our weekly Dairy Queen Blizzards. The very first time that we went to Dairy Queen for Blizzards, Whitman said he wanted M&Ms. Unfortunately, he thought he was just ordering M&Ms and not ice cream. He refused to eat it and ever since, he has not wanted any ice cream to eat there. Strangest thing ever.
  • Back at home, I was so exhausted that after we unloaded the car, I went sound to sleep. The house was crazy all around me and I knew it-people were playing with sand, there were forts (multiple forts), xbox playing, people outside and the craziness just went on and on. I woke up in time to work on my garage sale a bit before making heating up supper.
  • We ran to the library on our way to church and then it was church time. My job tonight was again playground duty so I came hold pretty chilled. We listened to our book on tape on the way home and are nearing the end of it. Once at home, Robby passed out a little snack and then it was bedtime for my crew!

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