October 30, 2017

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  • I am not sure who was awake first this morning but I do know who was not awake first-me, the girls and Whitman. I woke up the girls and then woke up Whitman. As I carried the sleeping boy down the stairs, Robby and I laughed thinking about when school at home would start next year since we won't have to hurry to take Whitman to school. Hopefully, we will still wake up at about the same time...if we want to finish anything near lunch time.
  • After Whitman and Robby left, the rest of us had our breakfast. I read to everyone and then we did our work together. We didn't quite finish everything but did more than we did all of last week combined. 
  • I had asked everyone to do their difficult school work first since Reagan and I had to leave. I was hoping for them to finish all of the work that I have to grade before I left. I can tell that the older the kids get, the less I have to work individually with them but the more I have to grade correct their work (for example-I work with Graham on 3 subjects but have to really grade 2 subjects, I work with Reagan on just 1 subject but I have to grade 6 of her subjects. I might just need me a student teacher.
  • At 11, Reagan and I hopped in the car heading to her orthodontist. She had a bracket that came off and we were there for about 10 minutes before we were heading back out the door. We stopped at Kroger on the way home, and once at home, I had a lot of grading to do before we even started lunch.
  • We did eat our lunch and then did chores for a while. The kids were anxious for the neighbors to come out so I did text and in the late afternoon they did come out. Most everyone spent much of the afternoon outside. 
  • Nonna and Pops brought Whitman home from spending the afternoon at their house. I worked on some Christmas gifts and changing over Campbell's clothes. She is the only one who I have left to pull out her winter clothes. I am glad that I have almost finished that task!
  • Robby took Anderson and Graham to basketball practice tonight. They don't know their teams yet still scrimmaged with their possible teams. Back at home, the girls and Whitman all showered. Campbell stayed out until it was almost dark and I finally called her home.
  • I had soup ready for everyone when they boys came home and then the evening festivities began. The Wilsons came over and we all started carving our pumpkins. The girls picked out a Minion to make and the boys chose a Trick or Treat Skeleton. Whitman didn't understand why he couldn't do his own pumpkin and had to help the boys. He kept asking for something sharp. 
  • We finally finished all of the pumpkins and celebrated with s'mores. We took some pictures outside and then it was too late to do much of anything else. The kids helped us straighten up and then they headed to bed while Robby vacuumed and mopped the kitchen. There is nothing like going to bed with a super clean kitchen!

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