October 3, 2017

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  • At 7:05, Campbell came in my room and asked, "are you sick or something?" I jumped up to look at the clock thinking that I had slept in. I quickly slammed my head back on the pillow when I realized that it was not even time for alarm. 
  • Soon, I was up-I didn't want anyone else to think that I was sick. The girls were going strong and Robby said that they were awake well before the boys. Robby left early this morning so I took Whitman to school. This made it a bit of a rush around here since the breakfast menu was eggs and toast.
  • I pulled out the griddle and went to town with the eggs. Campbell helped with the toast and some of the eggs and we still made it out the door on time-with his shoes. I usually don't take Whitman to school so I was a bit disappointed when he walked into his classroom and didn't look back to tell me goodbye.
  • I then flew home to start up on school. The kids were already working on school. We skipped working together this morning which helped everyone finish earlier than usual. I used some of the extra time, not to work together as usual, but to read some of our lunch time book. It is a good book but has really short chapters so I just usually stop at the end of each chapter so I am reading just a little bit each day and we will never finish!
  • After reading, we had lunch and had time for just a bit of chores before dentist time. Because of scheduling mix ups, Reagan ended up going to the dentist earlier so it was just 5 kiddos coming today. This was Whitman's first dentist appointment. 
  • I wasn't sure how well Whitman was going to do. When the called his name, he stood up and walked towards the hygienist and then doubled right back to me and whispered that he wanted me to come with him. I did and that boy was perfect. Everyone loves going to the dentist-I think they love the prizes at the end. I have never seen people get so excited about toothbrushes, toothpaste and plastic pieces of junk. And I especially love it when no one has any cavities!
  • We headed back home and had a bit of time until supper. Robby made supper and afterwards, he told the kids that since there were no cavities, we were going to the movies. This made everyone not mind at all the chores that we did before we left.
  • The movie was a hit but so was the popcorn and coke. Whitman was so incredibly squirmy and that he ended up on my lap and eventually fell asleep. That was all fine with me because he kept me warm. 
  • I am sure that people hate sitting behind us at the movies because we were up and down the entire time-that was a lot of coke we had to drink during the movie! Afterwards, we came home and soon everyone was in bed!

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