October 14, 2017-Friday Night Lights

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  • We slept fairly well except for Anderson's strange sleep sounds. It is like he is clearing his throat while he is sleeping. The boy doesn't snore, doesn't cough or gasp for air so I'm pretty sure it isn't sleep apnea. I think it has more to do with allergies. He was making a racket last night probably because his allergies are bothering him right now.
  • I do believe that Robby on one side of me and Whitman on the other both slept better than I did. They were both sound asleep when I woke right up at 7-maybe it was the smell of bacon wafting up the stairs. 
  • The kids migrated downstairs but Robby and I stayed upstairs until Les called that breakfast was ready. It was the best bacon that I had ever had. I had to hold the kids off so there would be enough for Shelley, Zach and Grannymom who were at Zach's soccer game and for Josh, who was still sleeping.
  • The girls and I played a few games of Uno Attack along with Phase 10. When the others returned, we loaded up and headed to downtown Hernando to walk around their Farmer's Market around the courthouse. It was late in the day so few vendors were there but it was a pretty neat place. Robby took the kids to see a cookie lady and all came back with the cutest cookies ever. The rest of us walked through a cutesy little store. I even took a few pictures of a things that I think that I could make.
  • Afterwards, we loaded back up and headed across town to Shelby Farms. They had some pretty awesome playgrounds that the kids enjoyed playing on. It was three different playgrounds the big kids migrated towards the swings, Campbell and Keaton enjoyed all 3 and Whitman loved the sand and water area. Of course, he had to have new clothes when we made it back to the car.
  • Then it was to another side of town for Jerry's Sno Cones. They were the ones with ice cream in them and they were delicious. Everyone had their own and most of the kids ate all of them. I couldn't finish mine but the ice cream might have been the best ice cream I have had lately (though I am going to have some tonight.)
  • After that, we headed back to Les' house and had a snacky lunch and dinner of leftovers from the tailgate. When we had eaten up, we loaded up and headed down the road. Robby didn't make it too long before I had to drive. I usually like to have my reeses pieces candy when I drive but I made do with a diet coke and a granola bar. 
  • We made it home and picked up Robby's car from Dana's house (possibly we have an interested party on it), picked up my garage sale profits (100 bucks-whoop, whoop!) and dropped off Grannymom and Grandpa. Robby and I then ran into Kroger to buy a few deals. The kids watched the game in the car on the way home and then we all worked together to clean the car and unload everything once we were home. 
  • Soon the house was clean, people were cycling through the showers, and we were watching the Hogs. The boys eventually gave up on the game and headed upstairs to watch a movie from the library. At 9, we tucked the kids in with a promise to wake them up if the Hogs catch up in the game.

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