October 7, 2017

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  • Once again it was an early morning. Whitman walked into my room before I was up and before it was light. He said "good night" but then corrected himself and said, "nevermind, I meant to say good morning." I guess the early mornings have confused him a bit.
  • I had to wake up Keaton but everyone else was downstairs and ready. The only thing that really got her moving this morning was Robby promising her some doughnuts. Soon we were in two different cars-one car was headed to get doughnuts and the other dropped Whitman off.
  • Whitman was spending the morning at Nonna's house while the rest of us headed to Raymar to work the concession stand for the football games today. We were there on time and there were already more than enough workers there. 
  • The kids eventually pushed their way to the front and started helping take money and pass out drinks and candy. They loved it but Robby and I had nothing to do. I never even walked inside the concession area-there was no room and no need for me to be back there.
  • We stayed for our allotted time slot and the kids were a bit disappointed when it was time to leave. Campbell and I headed to pick up Whitman. He was full from lots of pancake eating at Nonna's house and didn't plan on coming home.
  • Once at home, Robby poured the leftover chili in the crockpot and we did pretty much nothing until it was warm. I did finish a sign to put on my fireplace. It looks pretty good. I was very proud of myself because I thought that I was using Robby's favorite verse "For I know the plans I have for you..." When I told him about it the other day, he looked at me and said that wasn't his favorite verse. His is "I can do all things..." Oh, well, maybe the next sign can be that verse. The kids were disappointed that I didn't put a razorback on my sign (but after that game today, who would want a pitiful hog to stare at you all day.)
  • After lunch, Robby dropped Campbell off at Grannymom's house and picked up Kayleigh. Then we watched the game some before I left with the big boys for Barnes and Noble. They had a lego event that we went to and then walked around the toys for a bit. 
  • Then I dropped them off at a birthday sleepover at Noah's house. I am sure that they had a big time tonight. Hopefully, they act decent. Then I went home for a bit before we turned around to go and eat at Chuys.
  • Robby and I always say that we like to eat out but every time we do, we leave thinking that we did kill our hunger but didn't have anything outstanding. Chuy's was decent-Whitman slept through the entire meal. And for the first time, Robby and I had to switch spots because I am left handed. We didn't split our dish into two different plates and just left it on one plate. So with Whitman in my lap and trying to use the wrong hand to cut my food, he had to switch sides. Nothing exciting but just interesting that for over 20 years that we have been eating together, this was the first time that that has happened.
  • After we finished supper, we came home and the girls (Regaan, Kayleigh, Keaton) and Whitman went upstairs to watch a movie. They did sent Whitman down to ask for snacks so later we took popcorn and drinks up there. I figure that after the movie, it was be bedtime for everyone. I actually think that I could go to bed right now!

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