October 13, 2017-Friday Night Lights

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  • The first order of business today was sneaking upstairs and closing the boys' door so Whitman would sleep a bit longer. That he did, he slept through breakfast and then didn't wake up until 9ish.
  • The rest of us had our breakfasts and then started on school. I knew that we all had a lot to do this morning so everyone just had the basics for school-math, reading, english and the like. I did do spelling with everyone but that was it. Honestly, it was pretty nice. I should probably throw in more days when we do just do the basics.
  • We were finished in time for everyone to pack and do their chores before lunch. After lunch, we did a few more last minute chores and then loaded up.
  • Before we were really off of Lawson, we finished our book on tape-The Little Princess. Seriously, I think it was just the best book ever and the kids were thrilled to hear that there is a movie about it too. The author of that book was the same lady who wrote The Secret Garden so maybe I will have to go back and reread that.
  • We then picked up Grannymom and Grandpa and headed on our way. The van was full and everyone was excited about going to Hernando to see Josh play football. We did have to stop once for a potty stop and by the time we bought gas when we were almost there, I had to run a few folks to the potty. On our crazy long trips, no one ever seems to have to potty much but on short trips, everyone is pottying all of the time. I guess that they just train their little bladders on long trips and they are out of practice right now.
  • We arrived and the kids played a bit before we headed to the stadium for a tailgate. Les and Zach had gone early to set up. They had a huge spread of food-hamburgers, hot dogs, bbq, cake, cheese, sausage, cookies and the list went on. It was all delicious and we entered the stadium as full as we could be.
  • The game was a fun one to watch-Lewisburg was down by two touchdowns, then they came back with a vengeance and came within less than one touchdown. The game was a nail biter at the end even though we won by 6. All of the kids enjoyed watching it.
  • Now, Whitman-gracious. If he asked me once, he asked me 50 times "who won?" He had already asked me "who won?" before the initial kickoff. He did enjoy the game but I am not quite sure when he will be able to watch a game like his brothers. Anderson and Graham so both enjoy watching football.
  • After the game, we headed back to Les and Shelley's house. The kids and I played Uno Attack some. Then it was bedtime. Whitman was wound up but once we laid him down he was out pretty quick. We are all in their bonus room-it is just easier that way-we can be sure everyone sleeps and Robby hopes that I will count this as our camping out for the year. I do have the comfiest sleeping bag ever which I can't wait to lay my head down in.  

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