October 31, 2017

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  • We woke up even later this morning but still managed to get slow-poke out of the door. This was supposed to be eggs and toast day but ha, that was never going to happen. It was "grab what you want because I am going to start reading in 60 seconds."
  • Everyone did their school. My favorite thing right now is Reagan, Anderson and Graham's writing program. This is Reagan's third year with it so it isn't anything new, but I guess for the first time I am seeing just how good it really is. This is Graham's first year with it and he doesn't seem to mind it and does even enjoy it. I have even bought the next level for next year for Reagan.
  • Everyone was finished with their school by lunch time. The kids were thrilled that I pulled out the panani maker. We usually heat their sandwiches in the toaster oven so there really wasn't too much different but everyone thought it was the best thing ever. Possibly, they just enjoyed eating their sandwiches because they were warm and it was cold in this house.
  • I had on my shorts and a jacket so I wasn't too chilly. Though I did miss the sun shining through my bedroom window during school. But when I noticed that Anderson was wearing gloves and hat, I decided that maybe we should turn the heat up. It was just a chilly day.
  • The afternoon seemed to fly by and soon we were loading up to meet Whitman, Grannymom and Grandpa at Chickfila. They were giving away free kids meals if the kids were dressed up and Robby used his free Chickfila meals so all 10 of us ate for free. Sorry Chickfila. Then it was on to Krispy Kreme for a free doughnut.
  • Then the trick or treating began. We stopped at Grannymom's house, Danas, then Nonna and Pops' house. Nonna's neighbor was even handing out full size Hershey bars. Then we made it over to Hurricane. 
  • It was pretty trafficy over there but we hopped out and started walking. Our first real stop was at the Browns where the kids were delighted to receive their annual popcorn and cotton candy. After this, we pressed on despite the sprinkling rain. We hit as many houses as we could. 
  • Whitman still slows us down a bit-he is so easily distracted. He would just stand staring at someone's jack o lantern while 20 people walked to the door in front of him. Towards the end, he would take about 2 minutes to climb out 7 steps-I guess he was exhausted from his day at school, afternoon at Grannymom's house and then even time at Rock Creek. We waked at least a mile tonight and I was having to pull his little hand the entire way. 
  • Once at home, the kids showered and then immediately dumped their candy and started trading. I took over Whitman's pile and started trading for myself. I am sure that we will have some of their candy tonight. After they traded until we could trade no more, they headed to bed.
  • It was the pretty perfect Halloween-lots of candy, decent weather (we were dressed in many, many layers for the cold, wet night), not too much walking, saw all of the family and did I mention lots of candy?

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