October 25, 2017

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  • Micheal usually wake up pretty early at his house so around 5, I really started dozing. Thankfully though, he slept until 7:30 when everyone else in the house was starting to stir. The boys were all awake and Campbell came down just as I was getting Micheal set up in the living room with a movie while I showered.
  • After my shower, I found Whitman in my bed. He sadly said, "I came to lay beside you." Of course, I did lay beside him. I think that he was feeling a bit neglected with lots of attention going to Micheal.  That is all probably pretty good for Whitman.
  • Everyone put on their clothes and I helped get breakfasts for everyone. I was still scrambling around when it was time to leave but did manage to heat up my Wednesday bagel. We arrived at Bible study just as Kennedy arrived with her grandma. We walked in with Kennedy since Jodee was with a friend this morning. So me and 8 kiddos walked in together! Everyone went to class fine-Micheal did fuss some but when I walked back by, he was just fine.
  • After Bible study, I picked up the crew and then we all picked up pizza. We met Jodee at the park and she brought brownies for a dessert. The kids enjoyed playing and I enjoyed the conversation.
  • Back at home, the kids helped with some chores and Micheal took a nap. I worked on the clothes change over a bit as well as my Christmas gift blocks. The kids played outside mostly-the boys are still working on their trick shot videos which inspired the girls to do one too. Reagan spent the afternoon with Kennedy, even trying out her dance class. Micheal's grandma came to pick him up after his nap. And then soon it was supper time. Robby had made soup and it was delicious-or maybe it was just warm and hit the spot.
  • I ran into the library before we went to church. Since it was chilly tonight, this was the first night that we had to do games. It does make the night go by quicker but I think my talking to many preschoolers at once, just made my sore throat worse.
  • Robby had made cookies so everyone enjoyed one when we came home. Then it was pj time followed very closely by bedtime.

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