November 10, 2017

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  • Again, it was the middle of the night when Whitman came to our bed, and I don't know how long he had been sleeping with us when he woke me up shouting that he wanted to sleep in the middle. He probably wasn't shouting but it seemed like it to me.
  • Robby did get up around 6 and when I looked I could tell why-Whitman's feet were on his pillow. I think that the boys feet were on his head. He is a pretty snuggly little guy-much more than his daddy.
  • It was a nice Friday morning. Despite having to catch up on a bit of school work, everyone worked well and for the most part, we were all finished by 11:30. I was able to pull out next week's school, we even straightened the house before Nonna and Pops came to pick up Keaton.
  • Keaton had been so excited and couldn't wait to be picked up. Of course she was finished with school much earlier than everyone else and was anxious then to leave. She eventually found my phone and text her ride to come and get her. 
  • After she left, we made our lunches and I read a few books. Whitman is loving the Thomas the Train books right now which is great but no one else really wants to sit through them since they are a bit long. 
  • Anderson and I worked on his missionary project for next week and then it was cake making time. Campbell and Graham are entering a cake contest at the library tomorrow. I know really nothing about it but why not enter and have some fun. They made a oreo bundt cake. It should have a creamy oreo filling in the center of the cake. It looked pretty decent but who knows how it will taste. Tonight when we came home, we iced it and I am not too sure about the frosting on the cake. I think we should have gone with something else. They both had fun making it and I know that tomorrow will be fun too-win or lose.
  • The kids migrated outside for a little bit today but before I knew it, it was time to load Reagan and Anderson up for the preteen retreat. Reagan had spent most of the day packing (even though she was packed yesterday). It was quite entertaining to watch her strategically place things in her bag. In the pictures, she does have a huge duffel bag but it does have her clothes, sleeping bag and towel all in it.
  • I think they were excited-I know that Reagan was and Anderson seemed excited too. This is his first overnight church type trip so hopefully he will be a leader. Finger crossed! They had supper at church and then headed up to some camp with Ozark in the name. 
  • When I came home, the rest of us loaded up and headed to the Wilsons. They had burgers and a delicious dessert. We ate and watched the ballgame while the kids played cards, did magic tricks and read books to Whitman. 
  • We weren't able to stay out too late because we still had to ice their cake. Whitman fell asleep pretty soon after we made it home. He went to sleep in the fort so that is where he is sleeping now. I am not too sure how long that will last though. We are letting Campbell and Graham stay up for a bit and it is nearly 11 and they are still vegging on their ipads. I don't think that they will last too much longer though!

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