November 1, 2017

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  • Everyone but Keaton was up before us this morning. The girls were dressed before the boys-picking out clothes for CBS is a very important thing for the girls. They seem to put a lot of thought and time into it (yes, I know that Keaton wore the same shirt last week but she had to have Reagan and then me to help her decide what to wear. After we struggled for 5 minutes looking for something and picked out a shirt, she told me that she wore it last week. I decided that it was super fine since she had on different pants (actually, I wouldn't have cared if she wore the same pants! I just wanted her to pick something out.)
  • The kids found their breakfast and I found the last bagel in the house. I did smear it with a few tablespoons of blueberry cream cheese and it was pretty delicious. The weather on the way to Bible study was messy and really just made me want to crawl back into bed. 
  • After Bible study, Campbell's teacher said that she was such a good helper. She added that Campbell looks around and just knows what needs to be done. We all headed to Rock Creek to play for a bit. It was already crowded there when Sara and I arrived with 14 kids in tow. 
  • The kids played until we could take no more playing. The big kids tired pretty quick of Rock Creek and are usually the most anxious to leave. Now Whitman was not ready at all to leave and I did walk out the door without him-not the main doors, just the playground door.
  • Back at home, we all did some chores and then I might have possibly laid my head down for a bit. Whitman brought me his bear so I could sleep better-I might possibly could have slept better if my kiddos were quiet! 
  • Before too long, it was crunch time. I scurried around looking for supper and found some soup. Everyone had some but mostly filled up on crackers and cheese-but really, isn't that the best part of soup? 
  • When supper was cleaned up, we ran to the library on the way to church. Church went by quickly-leading games with a bunch of preschoolers has made my hoarse, scratchy throat even worse. I have had this crud for over a week now and it is getting a bit old.
  • After church, we came home and then kids changed into pjs before watching a bit of the game before going to bed. 

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