November 16, 2017

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  • Last night before I went to sleep, I was reading a chapter of a book which talked about how interruptions in our life are not surprises to God and are our chances to fulfill his plan with grace and excellence. I laid down thinking about how great that was...but at 2 in the morning when Reagan came to get me, all I could think about was maybe that chapter wasn't so good after all. I wasn't pleased with any interruptions!
  • It was my Keaton. She was sick upstairs. I made it before she threw up but gracious when she did. She made it into the potty but we both just got completely splattered. I had never had that happen to me. I found myself rinsing off in the sink after she was done. 
  • I brought her downstairs and made her a pallet. Within an hour, she was asleep so I soon was sleeping too. Thankfully, she slept all night and was ready to get her waffles when it was breakfast time.
  • Whitman had spent the night with Grannymom and Grandpa, and they took him to school this morning. It was Grandparent day. Whitman's class sang a few songs and ate muffins with their grandparents. Afterwards, Whitman showed all of his grands around his classroom. He even told me about it when he came home.
  • After breakfast, everyone here stared on school. Things went well and soon it was almost lunch time. Robby ran to lunch with the 3 littles and after offering lunch to the 3 bigs, I left to go to Nonna and Pops' house.
  • We went to a few stores and ended up buying most of their Christmas presents. It was a lot of fun spending someone else's money. While I was gone, Anderson finished his school work and the others played xbox for a while. Before I made it home, the kids all migrated outside with the neighbors and stayed there until after 7.
  • I made some cornbread and then ran to Lowes for a bit. It was crazy empty in there so if you need to shop at Lowes, go at night. After picking up my goodies, I ran home to eat. I hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch so I was starving. I had eaten my weight in cookies but that didn't seem to keep me full!
  • The kids showered and ate their supper while I ran to the Wilsons. After a while, it was bedtime for the crew. After spending most of the afternoon and all evening outside, they were pretty tired tonight. 

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