November 30, 2017

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  • Graham was the only one awake this morning. Everyone else but him and Whitman were still in their beds at 7:30. Whitman was sleeping soundly in our bed. He didn't join us until 4:30. When he did he told me that his tent had fallen off of his bed. That sounded legit and all but I was a bit worried that he had gotten sick again (I had given him his antibiotic after his large supper.) I sniffed him a few times and he didn't smell sickly. I tried to form to the words to ask but wasn't able to do that before falling back asleep.
  • When we did finally stir, I worked and worked trying to get Whitman to wake up. That boy was tired this morning. I unloaded clothes from the dryer, emptied the dishwasher, made my bed with the sleeping boy in it all while working hard at waking him up. Finally, I was able to stir him enough for him to put on his clothes and go to the bathroom. It did help that I offered him a juice box to drink for breakfast. Today was "J" day at school and we needed a J something to take and his juice box fit the bill.
  • After Whitman left for school, we started our school here. We did our work together first. I know that i have said it before but it is my favorite part of the day and I do think that the kids secretly love this bit of downtime during school. 
  • We don't have school tomorrow so we had lots of loose ends to tie up. Reagan was working hard to finish two deadlines today-a 6 stanza poem about a family member along with a brochure about a book she just read. Meanwhile, her brother spent time laying around the school room or just wandering around instead of getting right to his work. 
  • Robby brought Whitman home from school and when they arrived, we ate lunch and read a few books. The girls had made a tent fort in the living room and Whitman went right to watching a movie in there while the others went to work on their chores. (I know, last year Keaton was doing chores and Whitman should be doing them now. He just always isn't the easiest to work with.)
  • Whitman has been waiting to spend the night at Nonna and Pops' house for a long while. Chuck E Cheese was calling his name, and he could not wait to get there. Pops and Nonna picked him up and they were off. He had fun playing there, but he also enjoyed his tiny pancakes for supper.
  • The rest of us spent our afternoon around the house. Campbell, Keaton and I made chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, fudge and chocolate crinkle cookies. After that, I went up to the treadmill but before I did that, I kicked everyone else who was in the house (except for Robby) outside. 
  • There the kids stayed until 9! Yes, 9:00. I guess 5 hours outside is a very long time-I did the treadmill, worked on my ornament blog, made supper (Chicken Ranch Pasta-delicious), planned Anderson's birthday party, and read all of the internet.
  • When the kids did come in (we called them in), they ate supper and then were sent to the showers before being quickly herded to bed. The boys were excited about Whitman not being there-they said that he does a lot of talking to his bear before he falls asleep. I assured them that if they were scared tonight without Whitman, they could come down to our room.

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