November 18, 2017

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  • Robby and I had planned to wake up early and work a bit this morning. We made these plans around 1 or 2 last night, so we knew even as we were talking that there would be no waking up early.
  • I did wake up a bit after 7 with Whitman in bed with me and Robby on the floor in Whitman's spot. (I am afraid that we may end up that way again tonight since Whitman keeps mentioning that his ear hurts.) I headed to the mud room to start working on my tv stand. Which reminds me, why do we never take before and after pictures of anything. 
  • My plan was to paint for 10 minutes and then to make cinnamon rolls. While I was working, I heard Robby in the kitchen working on breakfast. Everyone ate and then the boys headed back upstairs.
  • Afterwards, I was only home for a few minutes before I left with Keaton, Campbell and Whitman. We picked up Reagan from Grannymom's house-she was still sleeping and it was after 9. I think my girls is a teenager!
  • We went to Michaels to make Christmas tree garland, which is still in the car. It took us over an hour to make the cute garlands. The class was a bit disorganized-actually, I don't think that I'll be taking any more classes there anytime soon. The kids had fun though, and that is all that matters.
  • Afterwards, we met Robby at the zoo. The boys and him had ran to the grocery store and then picked us up something to eat. We ate in the cars, and thankfully by then it had stopped raining. It was member day at the zoo. 
  • The rain had caused the train to be closed (though the crazy wind surely quickly dried the tracks.) We did ride the carousel which was quite fun. They also had free apple cider. The neatest part was the day seeing the elephants. You were able to walk through the elephant house and the elephants were really close. The zookeeper was talking and asked if anyone had any questions. Whitman wanted to ask one so I had to feed him a question to ask. He did very well ask "how much do they weigh?"
  • We weren't able to stay at the zoo for too long because we had to get Keaton to Harper's birthday party. She had been counting down the days and hours for days now. It was a movie birthday party-they watched the movie with candy, coke and popcorn.
  • While Keaton was at the movie, Robby took the others to Dairy Queen. I ran to Hobby Lobby and then Robby dropped off Reagan, Graham and Campbell. Robby, Whitman and Anderson headed to Grannymom's to watch the rest of the ball game,
  • We actually watched the rest of the ballgame while at Kroger. Then we went to town using Graham and Campbell's gift card from winning their cake decorating contest. Graham bought a cupcake pan, whisks, cupcake liners, angel food cake mix and pudding. Campbell bought a square baking pan, brownie mix, cupcake liners, icing, spatulas and jello. They were pretty delighted with their purchases and I think that they made good choices. 
  • Robby picked up the kids and headed home while I went to Walmart while waiting on Keaton's party to be over. I am sure that all of this may be confusing, and trust me, it was. Keaton had a blast at the birthday party. She came out beaming and telling me all about it. She was adamant that we go and see that movie (The Star) too.
  • Robby was already home mowing the leaves and cleaning up the yard when we drove up and saw the neighbors out. All of the kids then headed out and were out until almost 6 when Reagan had to leave. Robby took her to Kaleigh's birthday party and also picked up pizza on the way home. 
  • Everyone here cycled through the showers and then anxiously awaited Robby to come home. When he did, we gobbled down the pizza and watched some of a football game that was on. When Robby left to pick up Reagan, Whitman was on the couch whining because of his ear.
  • I soon put him to bed along with some ear drops. Then everyone else headed upstairs. I even read them a book before putting them to bed-I can be a softee sometimes. 
  • I worked some more on the tv stand when Robby and Reagan came in. (The tv stand will be fine, I think. I wish that I could distress it but I am just too scared to do that!) Reagan showered and then she headed to bed. She did win some socks at Kaleigh's party and I think they are pretty similar to the ones that Grannymom had bought her yesterday.
  • It was a pretty good and pretty busy day! I know that all of my people are tired. 

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