November 28, 2017

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  • Whitman climbed into our bed last night which isn't very unusual. We woke on up this morning and I headed upstairs to turn off the fans and to wake the girls up. When I walked into the boys room, I immediately saw vomit in the floor right near Graham's bed. 
  • I headed back down and asked Graham if he had gotten sick last night. He went upstairs to see the evidence. Meanwhile, I figured that vomit that was hours old could wait a bit so I started helping Whitman get dressed for the day.
  • I asked him if he had spit last night and he immediately said, "I opened my mouth and it just came out. Three times." He went on to tell me all about it. He even apologized. I tried to explain that it was okay and to always just tell Mommy whenever it happened. 
  • Graham then came into the room and said that maybe he did get sick last night. He told me that his stomach did hurt last night so it was probably him. That sweet boy had convinced himself that it was him!
  • I went on back upstairs with all of my supplies and discovered for sure that it was indeed Whitman since there was more evidence in his bed. I went to work washing sheets and scrubbing carpets. At least I giggled the entire time about Graham being convinced that it was him!
  • Whitman seemed to feel just fine so off he went to school. I would bet that his upset stomach was just due to his antibiotic that he is taking. I did give it to him before supper and not after. He didn't get any today but we still have to continue to make sure that ear is better.
  • Once he left, the rest of us started on school. Keaton has 11 lessons left on her reading book which is huge. My goal is to finish that before Christmas. All of the kids are halfway in their spelling books already and Campbell and Graham have a book that we are going to try to at least get to lesson 50 (of 100) before Christmas.
  • We ate our lunch around 12:30 and then the afternoon kicked into high gear. Chores were finished, school was completed, treadmill time was served. The kids were in and out but spent quite a bit of time playing with blocks and driving remote control cars.
  • We left around 4 and ran to April's house and then met Robby at Chick Fil A. Then I scooted off to Bunko while Robby chauffeured the three basketball kiddos to practice. The first games are Saturday.
  • Robby then brought everyone home and after everyone had showered, they helped Brett do a science experiment. The kids went to bed later than usual so I know they will be tired tomorrow.

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