November 8, 2017

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  • Not really any part of this day went like I had expected it, but now that I am sitting down reviewing everything, it all still worked out pretty well. Whitman came downstairs and climbed in bed with us around 4. He coughed once and I worried that none of us were going to sleep, but thankfully, that was the only time that he did cough.
  • I guess I don't sleep too well when he is in bed with us because I was awake at least once to catch him as he was falling out of the bed. I was awake before my alarm went off this morning and was out of bed starting my morning.
  • Laundry, dishes, cleaning the fridge, packing lunches, finding gloves, a shower and waking people up all happened early this morning. After making my Wednesday morning bagel, my productivity ended there because I didn't return home until after 8. I know most people live their life like that, being gone all day long, but I sure couldn't live like that.
  • We headed to Bible study and waited for the Heltz girls and Lily to walk in with us. When everything was over, I took the Heltz girls and my crew to Rock Creek to eat our lunches. It was very quiet there and despite the rain, after a bit we met Nonna, Pops and Grannymom and headed to pick pecans.
  • The weather was cold and rainy but we pressed on. Jodee and Amber also came to pick pecans with us but the place is so vast that you really don't see anyone. I am not sure how great the pecans are or how many we got but we did have fun doing it. Graham wanted for us to get enough pecans to make a pecan pie-I am not sure if we have even that! It's all about the experience though.
  • We then raced back across the river for a doctor's appointment for Graham. He fell off his bike yesterday and his wrist had swollen a bit and he was not using it at all. I dropped off Nonna, Pops, Whitman, Keaton  and Grannymom at Grannymom's house. Then went to the doctor with my crew and the Heltz girls. As soon as I walked in, Robby drove up and took my car to take home all of the kids.
  • Graham and I were at the doctor until church time. I was a bit surprised that it took so incredibly long. His wrist was not broken but the scratches (deep blister like gouges) had come infected. That infection was causing the redness and swelling. The doctor cut off the dead skin with the nurse and nurse practitioner watching. It didn't hurt him since that skin was already dead. She said that the redness would have been on up his arm by tomorrow. She also said that we would have definitely have had to come in tomorrow because by then he would have had a good case of blood poisoning.
  • We left with his hand all cleaned and bandaged along with a prescription for ointment and antibiotics for the next week. We raced to church to meet Robby and the other kids along with Grannymom, Whitman and Keaton.
  • Whitman had fallen asleep on the way to church so Robby just took him home. After doing games with my group tonight, I came home pretty tired but unfortunately, I don't think that Whitman is too tired after his good nap this evening! Ha!
  • The kids changed into their pajamas and had a sip of coke before bed. Graham was given a snack since he needed some food on his tummy before taking his medicine. When everyone went to bed, I had a bowl of Robby's chili that he had made this afternoon. It was delicious and hit the spot. 

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