November 12, 2017

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  • My, my, we sure do hit that snooze on the alarm clock way too many times every day but especially on Sundays. Graham was already awake and dressed (in shorts which I did ask him to change out of) but no one else was stirring when I climbed into the shower.
  • By the time I had finished, Campbell and Keaton were getting ready. Campbell was wearing one of Reagan's shirts and was looking for pants/leggings and Keaton needed help with her pantyhose. I never thought that a child if mine would love wearing pantyhose as much as she does.
  • The kids all sat down to eat breakfast at the bar-I am not sure why they didn't eat when they were playing their ipads but that left them about 9 minutes before we did have to get in the car. We are fortunate however because if our car ever stalls and we need food, there will be enough crumbs in the car to feed our family for days.
  • We made it to church in time to see Nonna and Pops but by the time we made it to Grannymom and Grandpa the music was already starting and it was time to sit down. Whitman ran on to the front row and wanted to sit there but thankfully, he did come back when I gave him the stink eye.
  • Whitman, again, just barely survived during church. I thought about shoving him down towards Robby who was on the other end of the pew and I also thought about hauling him out of there by his arm but we pressed on and both survived.
  • After church, Anderson went with his mission's group to buy stocking stuffers for the kids at the children's home. I do believe that Anderson had lots of fun. He came home telling what all they had bought to put in the stockings. 
  • The rest of us had lunch at Grannymom's house. The kids had time to play before we headed home. Robby eventually had to get back out to go and pick up Anderson. I, then, helped Graham with his missionary report-we still have to do his poster tomorrow. Next up, was working with Keaton on one of her Christmas presents and helping Reagan with a birthday present that she is making. 
  • We had some time to clean the house a bit before we had supper. Robby worked hard at emptying out the fridge and tonight when Reagan was grabbing her water bottle, she commented that the fridge looked empty. Indeed it did-I may need to go to the grocery store tomorrow.
  • After supper, we watched a Toy Box and a cookie decorating show. It is pretty quiet up there now so hopefully everyone will sleep well and Whitman will stay in his bed tonight. He didn't come down last night even though I had made a pallet for him. 

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