November 17, 2017

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  • Everyone slept all night last night and I wasn't in much hurry to get up, even though I should have been eager to finish the last day of school before our "Thanksgiving Break." I used quotations there because we will still be doing some school-history, science and a few other things. I can still call in a break though because there will be no math or analytical grammar (which I am starting to dread as much as Reagan and Anderson).
  • Campbell poured Whitman some cereal pretty early this morning, but he did sit at the bar with everyone else so he could listen to this morning's books. I have about 30 library books that I want to read and turn in before Thanksgiving. They are mostly picture books though they all seem to be very wordy picture books. Then we can start on the slew of Christmas books that I already have checked out.
  • The kids worked on school and we were all pretty much finished by 12. We had just sat down to lunch when Grannymom and Grandpa stopped by. They were there to pick up Reagan who spent the night at their house tonight. 
  • After they left, the rest of us finished lunch and worked on their chores. The kids were anxious to go outside but no one wanted to go outside alone. Campbell and Graham would come to me and ask me to make everyone go outside. I tried to convince them to go outside themselves and everyone else would follow and eventually that did happen.
  • This afternoon Tony did deliver 2 Christmas presents. He spent most of the morning making them, and I seriously can not wait to finish them out. The little girls will love them but Reagan will not be happy at all about them! 
  • I did a few things around the house this afternoon and pretty much as soon as Robby could leave after 5, we jumped in the car with Whitman and headed to the grocery store. My list was short, Robby's list was short but it still took us over an hour. It was wonderful. Now, we didn't buy anything that we need for Thanksgiving so we still get to come back soon.
  • The kids spent most of the afternoon and until 7ish playing with the neighbors. Greyson did come over to spent the night with us. We didn't really see the boys until we called them down for supper-pancakes made by Robby, Keaton and Campbell.
  • Then they watched a movie while I did the first coat of paint on my tv stand. So far, I am not too crazy about my paint color but maybe it will grow on me when I get another coat on it. Fingers crossed! The kids didn't go to bed until nearly 11 which made for a very short night for us.

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