November 7, 2017

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  • Whitman was in our room before my alarm rang this morning which was before 7. I knew that it would take every bit of time to get me and my crew ready for Book Character day. I have been very proud of myself because I have had Whitman's book character costume ready for weeks. 
  • But last night, he said, "I don't want to be Sal, I want to be Llama Llama." That did make my heart skip a beat but thankfully, Llama Llama was one of the choices that I had given to him. So when he woke up this morning, on the floor of my room were two outfits laid out for him-His Llama Llama book, red pajamas and a blanket on one side and then on the other side there was the Blueberries for Sal book, overalls, a bucket with blueberries in it and a bear.
  • Surprisingly, he went back to choosing to be Sal. It didn't take long for all of my people to get themselves ready. Soon, we were all at school and watching Whitman and his class walk in the parade.
  • Whitman's brothers and sisters were so proud of him and so excited to watch him walk around the room. They waved, they clapped, they took pictures. I should have gotten a picture of all of them watching Whitman. 
  • After the parade was over, I helped Whitman change his clothes because he wanted out of his overalls. Then it was back home for school. We just had a bit of school to do today and as soon as the kids were done, they were out the door down to the neighbors' house. I had to call everyone back in around 11 so we could do our work together, but a lighter day of school is nice every once in a while.
  • Anderson helped me make his famous chocolate chip pumpkin muffins (actually, they are Shannon's famous chocolate chip pumpkin muffins but Anderson had taken them to Bible study before and has had to bring the recipe so he thinks they are his muffins.) 
  • Around 1:30, we left to pick up Whitman and then on to Charlotte's birthday party at the skating rink. Last time, we went skating Anderson did not want to go at all. He was actually very upset about having to go and even though he wasn't crazy excited about it today, he didn't complain. He actually did great and even ice skated some.
  • Everyone continued to improve-especially Campbell who raced in her age bracket's race. She was last, but she still raced! And this was Whitman's first time to skate. His throat is scratchy and he wouldn't really talk for me but he was so determined.
  • When I first put his skates on him, he fell within 20 seconds and started to cry. He was already exhausted after all from his busy day. After a minute though, we took off and it took his skate aid and me holding him with a death grip to keep him up. He was so determined but was so tired. He managed to skate around at least 5-6 times while we were there but after one lap, he would have to have a break. The last hour that we were there, I held a sleeping Whitman.
  • When skating was over, Keaton went home with Charlotte to continue her birthday party. Robby picked up everyone else and they headed to Chickfila to eat. I ran a few errands before going to eat at my Bible study teacher's house.
  • Robby said that the kids did great and Whitman perked up at Chickfila. Once they made it home, everyone had showers-they were hot and tired from their skating. Afterwards, everyone had a bit of downtime before bed. I made it home, in time to tell everyone goodnight.

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