November 21, 2017

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  • Whitman didn't come into our room this morning but we could hear him right outside our door coloring. Well, at least I was hoping that he was coloring on paper. Thankfully, he was coloring on paper and soon came in to show me. He had made 4 flowers-one being a "snapping dragon flower."
  • Everyone but Keaton was already awake this morning-even Reagan. She never is an early riser when we are doing school, but since our school the last few mornings has only consisted of reading a 8 or so books and doing a few other fun things, she is up as soon as the boys.
  • We had our breakfast and then did our bit of school. Today's chores were the windows, dusting and even cleaning some baseboards. Keaton and Campbell love anything to do with water and a scrub brush. 
  • The kids went outside a bit before lunch, but did come in for some more reading and lunch. Pretty soon after lunch, everyone went outside and for the most part they stayed there all day long. 
  • Sometime this afternoon, Cash came over to play. The kids were so excited. They mostly played outside but did come in a bit while I ran to the library with Whitman to pick up a few books. Once I made it home, the kids migrated back outside.
  • They raked up a pile of leaves almost as tall as me. Then there was much jumping in and riding through the leaves on their bikes. They were filthy-so filthy that I should have made them come in for showers but I just let them ride on down to the neighbors instead.
  • They were all outside until almost 8 when we called them in for pancakes. Pancakes are a lot of work (especially for Robby) but I think that I could eat them every week. Afterwards, the girls started on their showers while the boys played.
  • Dana came to pick up Cash, and the boys finally had their showers. By then it was bedtime, for everyone and ice cream time for me. (I did some treadmill time so I think I deserve it!) 

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