November 24, 2017

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  • I slept in as long as I could this morning and then jumped out of bed to go and meet Pops at the Bass Pro. I had a list of places that I could go afterwards, but when the boys decided to go with me (I asked if they wanted to come) and when I left one coupon at home, my list of places to visit dwindled to just Bass Pro.
  • I think that Anderson and Graham were a bit disappointed in our Black Friday shopping. We did meet Pops and buy some of his Christmas presents. Jason was there too so he stood in line with us-around 30 minutes. The line did move pretty decently and there was plenty of odd things to look at as we went through the line (all different types of duck decoys).
  • Once we came home, I started on the laundry and then Robby pulled out the Christmas tree and all of the other Christmas stuff. Compared to most people, I know that we don't have much Christmas stuff, but for some reason we do have a ton of Christmas boxes. (I guess we do have 4 trees which by itself takes up a lot of space.)
  • We put up our living room tree and even though it is 21 years old this year, it still looks decent. I didn't put nearly as many ornaments on it because we have the tree in the corner and there is no reason to decorate the backsides. I think that everyone hung up an ornament but Campbell and Keaton stuck with me the longest hanging up ornaments.
  • Robby made lunch for everyone and soon the tree was finished. The Hogs came on-football and basketball and I worked during the games. I was able to finish the snow village and pretty much get most things in their spots, including the new little kitchen tree,  before I sat down and snoozed through the 4th quarter. 
  • Afterwards, it was just about supper time. We had a snacky supper and afterwards, Campbell and Robby ran to the grocery store. Not too many people were at the store the day after Thanksgiving. 
  • While they were gone, the boys helped me put up their tree. Then when Campbell and Robby came home, we put up the girls' tree. The girls' prelit tree has lost its prelit so we added lights to it. I guess it might just be time to spring for new trees for the kids too-the girls tree doesn't light up without more lights and the boys tree is from the side of the road. At least they both still look decent.
  • The kids had some downtime, just a bit, before bed. I think that are enjoying our Thanksgiving break, and I am already a bit worried about starting back to school on Monday! Wonder if we could take another week off?

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