November 13, 2017

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  • The boys have been into Minecraft lately so they were upstairs in the bonus room reading their Minecraft books and working on the Xbox. I had to wake up the girls and Whitman. The girls wake up much quicker than Whitman, and I had to work at waking Whitman up. Once he is awake, he still doesn't move quickly, and that is what we have to do on school mornings.
  • Robby took Whitman to school while the rest of us started on our breakfast. Afterwards, we did some of our together work. We didn't do all of our memory work but we had plenty of reading to do which I am so enjoying now. The kids may not be enjoying all of our reading, but I sure am.
  • Everyone did the work today without too much fuss. That made this Monday morning a bit easier. Campbell had finished most of her school work yesterday so she was quickly finished. Anderson was finished last and it even took him well into the afternoon.
  • We did more reading at lunch. Though there was quite a commotion when Campbell wanted her panani to cook longer than Graham's sandwich. Gracious me. Once that scuffle was settled, we were able to get back to our reading.
  • As soon as lunch was finished, chores were done and Graham's missionary poster was finished, I left the house. Yes, our missionary reports are due tomorrow so we have indeed waited until the last minute. I am not sure why someone suggested doing posters (I probably did) but goodness. The whole idea of posters has just overwhelmed me. If we would have said 5 page reports for everyone, that would have been completely different and I would have jumped on it-but posters! Eeek!
  • I then met Robby and we switched cars before I picked up Whitman from Nonna and Pops' house. Whitman and I headed to the ENT to check on the continually fluid in his ears. I had taken a slew of books in my bag to read to him but we were barely able to finish one book before we were in the exam room. We had just closed the first book when the doctor came in. 
  • One glance at Whitman's ears and the doctor said that there was a tiny bit of fluid in one which was normal. He also said that shows that his Eustachian tubes were doing their job. Also, the fluid that was left in his ears wasn't enough to effect his hearing. Honestly, we had expected his ears to not only have fluid today but also to be infected. I was already trying to figure out exactly when he would be able to get tubes. Thankfully, none of that is needed.
  • We headed back home and I was pleased to find that the house was just as we had left it. Campbell, Keaton and I worked on Graham's snack for Wednesday, snickerdoodles. 
  • Around 4, I kicked everyone out and went to town finding things to throw away in this house. I rearranged one shelf in the school room closet trying to move 3 of our crates out of the school room. My efforts were in vain because that shelf could only fit on of the crates and not the 2 like I had expected. I guess we will just have to live with all of the crates in the school room. They are all packed full and it every thing in them is stuff that I use every single school day. 
  • I then ventured to the girls' room to work on their shelves. I was able to get a few more things off their shelves. I have already decided that I will work really hard at going through every shelf/drawer/closet after the first of the year. Today, I did suggest to Robby that we take everything out of the house and strategically put it back in. He didn't go for that idea at all.
  • Robby did go outside to play a game of kickball with the kids. When they all came back in, everyone showered and then we had supper. Afterwards, Robby and I worked on supper while the kids read their reports and then picked up a little bit. 
  • Before bed, we watched a Shark Tank and then it was bedtime in this house. Well, bedtime for the kids but ice cream time for me!

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