November 14, 2017

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  • Robby had told the boys that they would need to start right on their school work this morning and not get their ipads. Since this was a shorter morning, I only had given them about 5 things to do but man, they went right to town. I think that we might should just institute the no pad rule every single morning.
  • By the time I was getting Whitman ready and finding his breakfast, they were asking me to help them with math. I did have to make them wait for a bit until Whitman had left and we had eaten breakfast.
  • Robby went to Conway today to work and I don't think that it was a coincidence that he did this on the same day that the homeschool group came over. It is about 22 extra folks at the house counting all of the mommas so I might could see how he might have a difficult time getting his work done.
  • We zoomed on through our work this morning and soon the house was cleaned and I was heading to pick up Whitman from school. I walked in his class and even though I saw all of the kids, you would have never known that there were 12 children in that room. It was silent. Whitman was actually neatly putting up the blocks-it was almost as if I had stepped into the twilight zone.
  • He was excited to be heading home to play. Sara pulled in the driveway just as I did. The kids all immediately started playing outside and pretty much were outside until almost 12:30. Some would migrate in occasionally for lunch-lunch was slim here since I have no milk or bread, don't even have hot dog or hamburger buns. I do have plenty of tortillas and might still try to make it until we have to do our Thanksgiving shopping. That is possibly, as long as my gallon of orange juice holds out, but once it is gone there will be a mutiny if we don't have any milk.
  • After the kids had played long enough, everyone did their missionary reports. They all did great. I had tried for Whitman to learn the Great Commission but it just wasn't happening so he didn't do anything. He could have cared less though. If I would have had him learn something abut missionaries (They tell people about Jesus. They live...) He could have done it, but the Bible verse was too hard for him.
  • Keaton had only had her report for a few days to practice and she mastered it. I was reading along on another page ready to help but she just needed help on the word Cypress. She is moving through her reading book and is nearing the end, but she just still struggles a bit. Watching her read today though, made me realize that it will all click for her soon.
  • After the reports, we kicked the kids outside and there they stayed despite the sprinkling rain. Really, no one seemed to mind, Whitman hung with the big kids and even played a game of capture the flag.
  • When everyone left, Reagan and Keaton headed home with the Heltz and Caroline stayed here. The afternoon was short but we did have time for the girls to make Campbell's cookie for her snack tomorrow.
  • Then we loaded up and were off to basketball practice. Campbell practiced first followed by the boys. I am very excited about Campbell's coach-he looks patient. After it was all over, we headed home and Robby had supper waiting for us. 
  • The kids then had showers and a bit of free time before bed. I worked on my Christmas shopping list some and now have to go and put Whitman back into bed. He fell asleep on the way home from practice. Robby picked him up before it started and slept most of the time that we were gone-this means that he may never sleep tonight.

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