November 6, 2016

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  • The boys were all up early this morning, and Whitman was hungry. He found a poptart and I found milk for him. I was up earlier than usual by a bit and had a few extra minutes to empty the dishwasher. I know that it is silly, but my day just starts off better when the house is straight.
  • Whitman and Robby left. Whitman had already said that his voice was funny and he was getting sick to me. He told Robby on the way to school that his throat hurt. Nonna said that he was a bit puny at her house this afternoon, and he did come home very hoarse. He has acted fine and I did stuff him in the steamy shower for as long as he would stay. Tonight, he will also get a dose of medicine before bedtime.
  • The rest of us started on school after breakfast, and I guess that a combination of the rainy weather, time change and a lazy weekend got the best of us. People were rude, there was lots of fooling around and even Reagan was doing work after lunch. Bless though, it just happened this way but she did kind of get slammed with hard things in all of her subjects right now.
  • We had lunch and then it was time for some mega chores around here. I am pretty sure that there are 5 pounds of candy wrappers strewn about this house. We did put a limit on the amount of candy that the kids can eat today. I had been letting them just eat what they wanted-my thought being that they would soon run out. Graham has eaten or traded all of his but everyone else has gobs left.
  • This afternoon was pretty wet and dreary. After Whitman came home, the kids ended up going outside to the neighbors house for a bit. They played despite the cool temperatures. Around 6, we had our baked potatoes for supper. They are always a bit hit around here (except with Whitman), but man, are they messy. We should add baked potatoes to the list of banned inside items along with shredded cheese and cupcakes. 
  • After we ate, the kids headed outside for a game of wall ball. I am unsure of the rules to that game but it sounds like it could be an expensive game for them to play. Expensive if they break one of my windows....again.
  • Eventually, it was time for showers and then we had a fairly relaxing evening until bedtime. Then it was time for bed for all.

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