November 9, 2017

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  • Tonight I do understand why Whitman didn't stay in his bed. He was in my room at 3 or 4 this morning. He told me that he was wet and his bed was wet. I thought that was odd since he should have had a pull up on. I went with him to potty and get new pajamas. When I was throwing his old pjs in the laundry, I noticed that his pull up was not a pull up but a swim diaper! That sure won't keep you dry!
  • We slept well and I had to work really hard to wake Whitman up this morning to get him ready for school. Once he was ready, he was pretty excited because this was show and tell I day. He brought an ice cream bucket filled with insects. I am not sure if he could remember the word "insects" though.
  • The rest of us had our breakfast and started on our together work this morning. I am already getting excited about our Thanksgiving school break but am enjoying our work together time so much that we might just do it still during our break.
  • The kids worked well today and even though Anderson saved everything for last, he did eventually finish everything. On the other side of the house, his complete opposite, Reagan, was doing all of today's school along with tomorrow's school. She also started packing for the preteen retreat while Anderson just shrugged and said that he would pack tomorrow. It is so interesting the difference between my kiddos.
  • After Whitman came home, we had lunch and then everyone started on their chores. We really could do chores all day around here-you clean up one room and walk away and the same room is a mess again. I am not sure if this happens at other people's houses or not but is sure happens here. And it happens much quicker when Whitman is home.
  • I took everyone for our weekly Dairy Queen treat this afternoon. I then ran to the store to pick up a few things before we headed home. The neighbors were out so they kids went down there. I don't know how the neighbors know it but every time we have to go somewhere, they come out to play. So when I called the kids to come in to clean up before leaving for church tonight, my kiddos weren't too happy.
  • By the time we left, everyone was pleased about heading to Refresh tonight. They all had fun and anytime you don't have to cook supper that is a good thing. Once at home, Robby cut the boys' hair and everyone had showers before bedtime.

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