November 19, 2017

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  • Sunday morning and the boys were up before we were. I did do a walk through to make sure that they had pants on and indeed they did. Campbell was up next and she did put on a jacket after I suggested that her short sleeve shirt may be a bit chilly. After my shower, I went upstairs to wake up Keaton and Reagan. Keaton had already picked out her clothes yesterday and hung them in our room (blue jeans, boots, sweater and scarf-it was a very Reagan-esque outfit.) 
  • Whitman did sleep all night long but was right by the side of my bed at 7. I think that he might have gone back to sleep for a bit. He said that his ear didn't hurt this morning but once we made it to church, he started complaining again.
  • Actually, the boy sat more still than ever before-I guess it was because he felt rotten. I did ask him if he wanted to go to his Sunday school class and he quickly perked up. After Sunday school, we loaded up and headed to Nonna's house for chili. She had all of the fixings which delighted the kids (and me.) 
  • When we finished eating, we did get started on cracking my pecans. I had waited until I could use Nonna's crackers since I don't have any of my own. The kids were anxious to help and everyone did have a turn or two. Campbell stuck with me til the end. We made a huge mess on the floor of pecan shells but Jason helped me clean up, and I came away with about a quart of pecans. They aren't the best or the prettiest but will do for how little I use them.
  • Then we came home for our afternoon naps. Well, Robby and my afternoon naps. I do believe that the kids came in and out of our bedroom about 21 times during our nap but it was still a wonderful nap. Wonderful. 
  • When we finally did wake up, I went to work on making everyone pick up. Robby moved our tv cabinet back into the living room. It looks pretty okay. We haven't put the tv back on it but I do think that it will look better. Now, only if we could paint the couch and  make it look better.
  • Robby worked on supper-hamburgers. He was able to feed everyone a hamburger even though he only had 4. I am not sure how that happened though he did have to supplement with some of his frozen lasagna. I went with leftover potato soup while I worked on supper for tomorrow night.
  • After we cleaned the kitchen, Campbell helped me make my first draft of my grocery list. Robby ran to the Wilson's house and was soon home. I went upstairs to work on one project while the kids watched a show. I joined them for the finale of the Toy Box. We were disappointed in the toy that won but were pleased that it was then bedtime! 

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