November 2, 2017

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  • Whitman was full of questions this morning, and I guess that I was sleeping so well that I don't really remember any of them. He was the main priority this morning-getting dressed, getting fed and getting him out the door.
  • Once he was gone, the rest of us had our breakfasts and then it was work together time. This week, we haven't done much of our memory work but we have been going to town on history and science. This is the first year that I have taken our history and science books and gone through each chapter looking for library books to read about each topic. I can't find books about everything that our short enough for us to read but I do find quite a few. The kids may not enjoy this as much as I do but it does make things much more interesting...though it does take some extra time.
  • We finished school in time for lunch. Everyone made their own lunch-I had a panini with pears in it and it was delicious. Graham was the only one who tried pears on his sandwich today. He is my adventurous boy and will usually try most any food. Even if he doesn't like it, he will still say that he does.
  • This afternoon, the kids went to Dairy Queen to eat their weekly Blizzard. Whitman stayed home with me. As soon as the others left, I went to work in the school room and did walk through the room where he was a few times. After a while, he was walking around the house and found me. He said, "I thought you were gone." He then added that he thought that I had left with the others. What in the world? The boy thought that he was home alone and didn't have a problem with it at all.
  • As soon as the kids returned, the neighbors were out and everyone stayed out until 8. I did have to take Campbell away for a time for her basketball practice. They have divided everyone up into teams but they still might move a few people around. Campbell's team only had 5 players while some teams had 9. Also, Campbell seems to be one of the strongest players on her team-that isn't saying much. We will probably get lots of practice in being gracious losers this year but it will be very entertaining to watch.
  • That girl though, she worked so hard. She was wet with sweat when practice was over. She may not be the fastest but she does know how to hustle. 
  • The others were still outside when we came home so I let Campbell out and she continued to play until 8. Whitman had come in when we left because he needed to work on bear's birthday party (more on that later). And Anderson had just walked in because he was feeling pretty itchy.
  • Now earlier today, Whitman had decided that it was his bear's birthday. We have watched bear open presents, we have made signs, we have hung signs and talked about his birthday all day long. I had already planned on Anderson making red velvet cupcakes today but those even turned into cupcakes for bear's birthday.
  • We were starving while the kids were out playing so Robby and I had to eat supper before they did. I twas nearly 9 when they finally finished supper. I read to the kids as they finished their supper and ate Anderson's cupcakes. Afterwards, everyone brushed their teeth and then had a few minutes to play on their ipads before bedtime.

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