November 15, 2017

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  • It wasn't too much different than usual this morning waking up with two of the kiddos elsewhere. The boys were still up before anyone else-already dressed and playing Minecraft. Campbell and Caroline were also dressed and eating breakfast. Whitman had no thoughts of getting dressed but was having a blast watching the girls play something on their ipads.
  • Soon everyone was in the car waiting on me. What was I doing? Standing in a chair fanning the smoke alarm. My bagel didn't pop out of the toaster oven so it was a bit extra toasty. I am afraid that my 17 year old toaster is getting a bit slow to pop things out. I never really leave it unattended and always unplug it but that was my last bagel so there was no redoing in this morning.
  • It was still kind of yummy though-burnt sides and all. We made it to Bible study just a bit early which was fine because today was bring your Christmas shoebox day and kid performance day. I am not really sure why they did their performance before Thanksgiving so it wasn't really Christmassy but it was still cute. 
  • Anderson, Graham and Campbell's group said Psalm 100. They did very good but we couldn't even see Anderson since he was standing almost behind his brother. Next up was Keaton and Whitman. They did great though Whitman sang only a little-I do consider not laying on the stage successful. And Reagan is too old to do anything. She did help with the little kids and stood behind them which I am very glad that she did get to help.
  • My kids are pretty fortunate to have such a large cheering section. Grannymom, Grandpa, Nonna, Pops, Jason were all there cheering them on along with Robby and me. After the performance, we picked up pizza and headed home. It was raining and all of our other friends were skipping out on the park.
  • Most everyone decided to eat their pizza in the car. I guess we were all starving. Once we did make it home, we all did empty the car and then meet at the bar to eat some of Campbell and Graham's snack (chocolate chip cookie cake and snickerdoodles).
  • I was super productive this afternoon which was pretty strange for a Wednesday. I helped Anderson and Graham rebuild two broken lego sets, rearranged the girls' room, worked some in the attic, took some toys out of the boys' room and rearranged my tupperware. I possibly should skip the park every single Wednesday.
  • It was soon church time and we headed to Sonic for 50 cent grilled cheese. The kids ate those in the car while I ran in to the library. At church tonight, Campbell and Graham's group helped pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas child. Anderson and Reagan's group helped the younger kids pack the boxes (they worked a table, walked with the little kids, taped up things). And Keaton and Whitman's group colored pictures to go inside of the boxes. Everyone had a great time.
  • Once at home, we changed into pjs and had one last cookie before bed!

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