November 5, 2017

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  • We didn't set out clocks back last night (we knew our phone alarms would set themselves). So at 7:40, Graham came into our bedroom and asked "so what are we doing?" He thought it as 8:40 and was wondering if we weren't going to church for some reason.
  • With the extra hour, I was able to fold my two loads of laundry but still didn't have time to put them up. We made it to church in time barely! Whitman was in the church house for about 3 minutes when I had to take him by the arm and lead him to the bathroom for a quick chat. 
  • He did fine during church, and then it was on to Sunday school. After church, we ate lunch at Nonna's house. She had lots of pizza and the kids gobbled it up-especially the cheesy bread. There was even so much that we took some home and had it again for supper. I did give the kids the option of eating leftover potato soup but had no takers. I guess I will have the whole crock pot to finish myself.
  • Robby went to the movies this afternoon leaving me here alone trying to take my nap. At least 15 different people came in and asked me a question during my nap. Needless to say, I didn't sleep for very long and ended up making a Christmas present and wrapping a few teachers' gifts. 
  • I kept looking at the clock thinking that it was past time for supper. The kids may not be bothered by this time change but I have been a bit confused all day long. Finally, it was supper time and then kids ate and then watched a few Toy Box episodes before heading to bed.

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