November 11, 2017

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  • Everyone at this house had a very busy day. Keaton began her day at Nonna and Pops' house. She had a big breakfast and then went shoe shopping. She told me that they went to 3 stores and she finally ended up with a fancy pair of shoes. (She was so excited about wearing them tomorrow that she has already laid our her Sunday clothes.)
  • After the shopping, they came back to the Nonna's house for lunch. Keaton ate quite a bit of mandarin oranges and hopefully, that is the reason that she soon became sick. Poor Nonna and Pops-Keaton didn't even make it to the bathroom at their house. She usually always does here but not there. 
  • Near Russellville, Reagan and Anderson woke up at their preteen retreat. It sounded like they had lots of fun. Reagan roomed with all of her buddies and Anderson and a few other boys were in the room with all of the men (perfect spot to be thinks this momma.) They had breakfast, had their quiet time, had free time and had at least 2 different sessions with the leader and in their small groups. 
  • I think they made it home with most things-Anderson did lose his water bottle but he did buy another one there with money that he borrowed from Reagan. He had a blast and so did Reagan-they were both pretty tired when they came home and both headed straight to the showers (thankfully though, they didn't smell like they needed a shower and looked as if they had changed their clothes, brushed their teeth and combed their hair while gone.)
  • Now to the rest of us that were left here. Graham, Campbell and I left the house this morning at 9 while Whitman was still snoozing soundly in my bed. (I guess we have started co-sleeping. I can't seem to keep the boy out of our bed! One of us will not be sleeping in that bed tonight-hopefully, it is Whitman but if not, I'm heading to the bonus room. But Robby said that it was very cold up there the other night so I am not so sure about that.)
  • Our first stop was to drop off our cake entry at the Thompson library. Campbell and Graham were pretty pleased with their cake and the librarians asked them all kinds of questions as we delivered the first entry.
  • The next stop was at Williams Sonoma for a cooking class for them. The lady that led the class was really good and made mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing. Graham really liked the gravy but Campbell didn't try any. There were just 4 kids in the class and the other family was a homeschooling, CBS going, large family from Benton-small world. 
  • Afterwards, we walked around the store for a bit, and Graham and I left with some apple cider. I always forget how much I like that store and how expensive it is. I do like to browse there though. 
  • Then we met Robby and Whitman and hopped into their car. We headed across the river to the USS Razorback. They were finishing their Veteran's Day ceremony, and we arrived just in time to stand in the line for lunch. They had hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken. We found some chairs on the deck in the sun and ate.
  • Then we joined the line to go through the submarine. They asked for everyone to be 5 to do the sub and thankfully, no one asked Whitman's age. We weren't too worried about all of this until we moved up to the entrance and saw the 14 (or so) foot ladder that he had to go down. I went down first with him right above me. He was a bit skittish saying that he couldn't do it. But he was saying that as he climbed on down the ladder step by step and soon made it.
  • There were lots of folks down in the sub so we just shuffled through each room. Guides were there to tell you about the sub and Whitman and Graham asked questions about things. It was all very interesting, but I do know that submarine life isn't for me.
  • Afterwards, Robby took us back to our car and we used our Dairy Queen Blizzard coupons for the week. Since we had Whitman and he has never eaten anything from Dairy Queen since our first visit, we tried something new with him. If you remember, he was upset that they just didn't get him M&Ms and instead mixed the M&Ms with ice cream. Robby asked if they could just give him the vanilla ice cream with the M&Ms on the side. Well, he absolutely loved that. I am glad that he can enjoy the Blizzards now but that means there is one less-no more Blizzards for Robby and me!
  • I was then headed to pick up Keaton when we got the call that she was sick. Whitman and Robby were the ones headed home so they picked her up. Graham, Campbell and I went to the Dollar Store to pick up a treat for them and then we drove on to the library for the cake tasting.
  • On the way, I received a call from the library saying that they had won 3rd place. I tried not to sound too excited so they would be able to find out once we arrived but they knew something was up. I told them that they had indeed won 3rd and they were so excited. 
  • When we came in, one librarian recognized them from earlier and gave them their prize-a 20 dollar Kroger card and something pass to Crystal Bridges. Then we went in to taste the cakes. There were a total of 8 entries-the winner was a cherry cake. We tired our cake, of course. It was pretty good. I thought that I would really like the filling inside of the cake but it was not my favorite at all and the icing, what I was worried about, was very good. 
  • Graham tried another cake but he did not like it at all. I think that he had already picked out his favorite-his! The boy was so excited to win and said that he didn't think that would make it to the podium. Seriously, he was more excited than Campbell.
  • On the way home, we called Pops and Grannymom to tell them about our win. Keaton was already home and sound asleep on the couch. Whitman was watching a movie in our room. Campbell and Graham soon headed outside to play with the neighbors.
  • Keaton was pretty pitiful for a while this afternoon. I was even worried about driving her to go and pick up the retreaters. Robby, Campbell and Graham had already left to go and eat out tonight (mystery shop).
  • I am glad though that Keaton did well and by the time we made it to church, she was talking away. The buses were already there and the kids were unloading. We helped a tiny bit and then came home with my crew.
  • Anderson and Reagan had their showers while Whitman and Keaton ate. She was feeling better since she had half of a baked potato along with a slice of cheese. She asked for a waffle too but we were out. I read to her and Whitman as they ate. Then Anderson and Reagan joined us to eat their supper.
  • Soon Campbell and Graham were home with Robby. They had their showers and then I played a game with the little girls and Whitman. Afterwards, Keaton passed out her cookies that she had made at Nonna's house. 
  • We had a bit of downtime tonight-I have lots of things to do on my weekend to-do list but I don't think any of that is going to happen tonight. I think that we might just send the kids to bed early tonight but it is super quiet in the house right now-Keaton and Anderson playing their ipads, Graham is watching football, Reagan and Whitman are watching a movie and Campbell is reading every single word that I type. If things stay quite, they might even get to stay up later!

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