November 29, 2017

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  • After missing last week at Bible study because of Thanksgiving and staying up a bit later than usual lately, I was surprised that the kids woke up well and for the most part got themselves ready. After yelling up the stairs many times to the bonus room, I assumed that all of my people had brushed, put on their clothes and packed their lunch. I was wrong; when we made it to the park, Graham quickly discovered that he did not have a lunch. I did have plenty of spare lunch items but hopefully, next time he will remember to listen when I tell him to do something.
  • CBS was good this morning and they are decorating the halls for Christmas. They go all out up there and it is just pretty amazing. Afterwards, we all headed to the park to play for a bit. The kids quickly noticed that the tornado sirens went off twice for their Wednesday practice. For some reason, the sirens went off earlier than they were supposed to and then again at noon.
  • After we had played a good long while, we headed to Dairy Queen for our weekly Blizzards. I had three kids this time order a M&M Blizzards with the M&Ms on the side. Everyone ate their snacks and then we were off to church.
  • Robby was at a funeral this afternoon and snuck our early to take Reagan to the orthodontist to get her braces tightened. I am sure that it must hurt because she tried to eat pretzels for a snack but said that it hurt too much. Whitman went with them and I took the rest of the crew home. 
  • I was there for a bit and about the time that Robby headed home, I left for a focus group at Tacos for Life. The experience was fun but the taco was not my favorite at all. When I made it home, I brushed my teeth twice and even looked for a Tums!
  • I let Campbell and her helpers make brownies for Friday night and then it was time for me to throw hot dogs on the grill for our supper. We scarfed down our food, and then we loaded the car. I ran to the library and since it is food for fines time, my almost 10 dollar fine went down to zero since I brought 10 cans of food! Sweet!
  • Next was church time and the kids were going to the indoor playground tonight instead of playing games. That was fine with me so I headed down to the preteens and went to their service. I was able to see Reagan leading in worship which was pretty neat. Anderson was in that area too and I did watch him like a hawk since the boy section was pretty noisy and full of movement.
  • Once we made it home, the kids changed and had a few minutes of downtime before bed. Then it was time to head upstairs for teeth brushing and bed. We have moved their toothbrushes to upstairs and this week the boys won the contest of who could keep the cleanest sink.

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