November 20, 2017

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  • Whitman has been consistently climbing in bed with us before 7 for the last few days and that along with his ear hurting yesterday, my first call this morning was to schedule him an appointment. We were pretty sure that all would be fine, but since Reagan needed a second does of one of her 12 year old shots we knew it would still be worth the trip.
  • Everyone had cereal for breakfast, and then we started on school. It was pretty light school today-lots of reading, a few math games and even working some puzzles. They kids were disappointed when I told them that we were finished for the day. I guess they expected that we would work longer.
  • We had plenty of other things to do though. The main chore this morning was straightening their school desks. Lost of things need to be cleaned and straightened around here but if we do them now, we would have to do them all over again before Thanksgiving.
  • Before 11, I loaded up with Reagan and Whitman for the doctor. Reagan was not pleased about going but took her shot like a champ. Whitman told the nurse that when she "poked that sharp thing in his ear, it hurt." It was just the thermometer and she didn't really show him any mercy.
  • He was 42 inches tall and weighted 42 pounds so I told him that he was a square. He told me that he was not a square but was a "line." Dr. Martin was surprised that his ENT appointment last week resulted in nothing, especially since his ear is now infected again. Just one but it is the one that he was complaining about on Saturday and Sunday. 
  • We walked over to get him medicine and then met Robby and the others at Grannymom's house. Robby had pizza delivered so we ate. After eating, Grannymom joined us and we went to the Museum of Discovery. 
  • The kids had really been wanting to go and Robby was able to get us passes. After paying for parking, we walked to the Nature Center which was closed. Then it was on to the main event. The kids enjoyed being able to go where they wanted and touch everything. Whitman just took it all in. Campbell's favorite by far was the bed of nails and Keaton loved the scarves and air machine. Reagan enjoyed being the tv reporter. Graham really seemed to enjoy it all and Anderson begged until we all ended up in the tornado room.
  • Once we had seen it all, we left and drove by Wendys to pick up Frosties. We then dropped off Grannymom and met Robby at Sams. He dropped off my car to get the tires rotated while him and the kids went in to pick up some bread for Thursday. They left without the bread but with apple cider for me and a huge cinnamon roll cake for them. 
  • I ran to the grocery store and did some speed shopping. The store was crazy especially since no one in the store knew where anything was. (They are remodeling our Kroger once again and things are crazy.) Amazingly, we both finished at the same time and we met at the gas station to use our Kroger points.
  • Then it was home to unload groceries and cycle through the showers. I already had dinner in the fridge so I just stuck it in the oven when we made it home. By the time showers were finished, supper was hot. It was a winner because everyone (including Whitman) ate some.
  • The boys watched football after supper. Reagan played the xbox, Campbell and Keaton made a turkey and Whitman watched his ipad. They were all content so we didn't even watch a show tonight.
  • After tucking everyone in, Whitman has now come downstairs twice. Hopefully, he will fall on to sleep soon!

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