November 3, 2017

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  • My phone was downloading something or another last night, so we weren't sure if my alarm clock would work or not. Robby set his alarm too and both of them blared this morning in stereo at the same time. We treated 2 alarm clocks just like we treat my alarm clock every morning-just as a suggestion that we rarely listen to.
  • Someone did come in our room saying that they were hungry so I did eventually climb out of bed. I had planned on having toast and eggs but we were out (completely out) of bread this morning. So I changed to pancakes and eggs, but after making pancakes I decided that we probably didn't need eggs to go with it. Campbell was not very happy with this decision, but I had had enough cooking.
  • We ate our breakfast and I did make everyone help pick up the kitchen before we started on our school for the day. School went well and I did spend quite a bit of time with Whitman today doing some school. When everyone else was his age, they really wanted to do school like the rest of us, but Whitman could really care less. Come January, he and I are going to do lots of school trying to get him ready for real school come next September.
  • After school, I received quite a bit of help making our potato soup for supper. At one time, everyone but Whitman were helping. They washed the potatoes, fried sausage, cut the potatoes, cut the onion and added all of the seasonings. It was pretty nice!
  • Afterwards, we had our lunch and I read a few books that Whitman would enjoy and then read our current chapter book. We were just 3 chapters away from finishing but the kids wanted to wait. I couldn't believe they didn't want to finish. 
  • Next up was chore time and the chores weren't going too smoothly....but then the kids saw the neighbors out. That helped tremendously and chores were quickly accomplished and everyone was out the door and down the road. 
  • That helped with my final supper preparations. I did urge the kids to come home if it started pouring. It was nearly 6 when it did start pouring-at least at our house but no one came home. Robby did yell down there but the rain was too hard and they couldn't hear. When they did saunter in, they were soaking. We sent everyone to the showers before the McGuires and Penningtons all arrived.
  • We had potato soup (new recipe and okay) along with sausage cornbread (my favorite) and ham and cheese croissants. For dessert, we had a Dairy Queen cake so now we only have 3 and a half left. 
  • The kids were excellent tonight and all just really left the grownups alone. They watched tv, played legos, played on the ipads and some of them even played school. When everyone left at 10, Whitman had just gone to sleep in my lap. I put him down and the kids helped clean up before heading to bed themselves.  

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