November 26, 2017

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  • Anderson and Graham were up this morning before everyone else. Anderson didn't put on his church clothes this morning just in case it wasn't Sunday. I am not sure if I blogged about it or not but on Black Friday, Anderson woke up thinking that it was Sunday and put on his church clothes before coming downstairs. Ha! He soon realized it and put his pjs back on. Today he was taking no chances and was one of the last ones dressed.
  • Campbell had already picked our her clothes last night and gracious if there wasn't a hold in her shirt this morning. (Grannymom, it will be coming your way.) Keaton had also picked out her clothes but she opted to change and just tried to wear a jacket and no shirt to church. Thankfully, I did catch that but didn't catch her no socked feet. Reagan is now my easiest girl when it comes to getting dressed on a Sunday morning.
  • We ate and then were out the door for church. We taught Campbell's Sunday school class today. It was interesting-first and second grade. Last year we taught 3rd graders and since they can read and have a general knowledge of how to look something up in the Bible things were much different today. After listening to some of the other kiddos read today, I did leave feeling pretty confident in my Campbell's reading ability.
  • After church, we celebrated Dana's birthday at Grannymom's house. Grannymom had Mexican and we even left with party favors. Dana had painted a nativity and it now looks perfect by my circle chairs. 
  • While the kids played, Robby and I ran to the grocery store. We came home with a haul of Pop Tarts that were on sale today. It was a big sale and my pantry is beginning to look like a warehouse since we have been doing more couponing lately. If something were to happen, you can come here and we can survive on pop tarts, muffing mix, cereal and chocolate chips.
  • Next stop was back to church for Ms. Lynda's 80th birthday party. The kids had all made her cards. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food that was at the party-they had the most wonder caramel brownies that I had ever had. They were actually so good, that Robby walked out with one and Reagan grabbed one on the way out for me (I think we might just be training her up right.)
  • Back at home this afternoon, the kids played some while Robby, Campbell and Keaton ran to pick up supper and buy some more Pops Tarts. The evening was pretty calm around here-calm and noisy. The boys did dig out some old remote control cars and spent quite a bit of time playing with them. 
  • I played a game with the girls and Graham and as soon as it was over, I looked up and it was bedtime. Each night the tree causes the boys room to be pretty crazy-it is too bright in there for them to go to sleep. Poor Campbell said that she really wants to keep her lights on longer but Keaton and Reagan say that they are too bright. We had a good long conversation about trying to get along with other people! 

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