February 10, 2019

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  • Graham was the first child we heard this morning. He came into our bedroom probably at 7 and stayed for what seemed like forever. He was digging through my clean laundry pile looking for his Sunday clothes and clothes to change into at Nonna's house. I don't know what took him so long, but after awhile I convinced myself that he must be folding the laundry as well. I was wrong about that though because when I woke up, my clean laundry pile was not folded but was just scattered around the room.
  • I did have to wake up the girls and Whitman this morning. The easiest way to get Whitman up and doing what you want is to bring him downstairs. It is getting harder and harder for me to haul that sleeping boy down the stairs. I always feel like I am on that Biggest Loser show when they make the contestants run a race carrying all of the fat that they have lost. That's how I feel as I haul Whitman and his 50 pounds down the stairs. By the time I dropped him on our bed, I had to sit down for a second to catch my breath!
  • Soon we were all dressed and heading to the car. Loading up the car is a process for sure. Obviously, it is much easier now than it used to be even just a few years ago. Now though everyone is big enough to remember what they have forgotten and run back in the house to get it. This however becomes a problem when half the kids have to run back in the house. Robby and I do send them to the car while we run through the house turning off lights, picking up a few things and gathering the last minute things for the car. While we are doing this kids are searching for shoes and climbing in and out of the car. It would probably be comical if you filmed us.
  • Church this morning followed by Sunday school. The kids were all excited because they had their offering boxes to turn in. After church, we rushed to Nonna's house for lunch. She had Mexican food which is probably my favorite to eat. Robby and I did walk over to see Beebee's house which is ready to sell. It looks great-so good that we might even move in.
  • This afternoon was a perfectly wonderful afternoon with the rain pouring on the roof. Obviously, I had a great nap! Soon though it was time to wake up for the evening. Reagan went to her life group while the rest of us had breakfast for supper. We are still loving all of the biscuits that we froze a few weeks ago. (We also froze breakfast burritos a few weeks ago, but they are almost all gone.)
  • Campbell and Keaton helped me make some cookie dough to make up for later this week. After that, it was almost time for us to go and pick up Reagan. We had planned on going to the grocery store first but she text saying that she was ready and it was over. We headed that way instead and will have to grocery shop tomorrow.
  • Once we were all back home, everyone had a little dessert and soon it was time for bed.

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