February 28, 2019

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  • I think that Thursdays are one of my very favorite days o the week. There is nothing really different about Thursdays than any other day of the week. However, it is almost Friday which is almost the weekend which really makes me happy. 
  • I had to wake up all of the girls and Anderson this morning. I think that he is turning into a teenage boy because he has been sleeping more and harder to wake up each morning. This place will sure change around here when Graham starts sleeping more!
  • We did our school work this morning. Whitman was one of the last ones finished this morning. He didn't seem to care and spent at least 45 minutes this morning wrapped up in a blanket laying in the floor. This, of course, caused me to ask him if his tummy hurt and to check his forehead each time I walked by. He was just "taking a break."
  • It was still 12:45 when we ate our lunch. I intend to eat around 12:15. That would ideally give me to time to finish up school at 12, and then have a few minutes to regroup. However, that rarely happens. I will admit that I was fairly distracted a bit this morning with a few text strings blowing up my phone. 
  • We ate our lunch, and as I cleaned the kitchen, Campbell worked on cooking our meat for tonight's quesadillas. Then we started on our afternoon reading. It sometimes seems like a bit much but we are nearing the end of our science book and only have about 100 more pages of our history book to read. (In case you are wondering, that leaves me about 4 pages to read a day which is still a lot.)
  • One of the text strings this morning was about an impromptu meeting at Third Realm. Yep, we have been there 4 times this week. Keaton did wear out this afternoon, and Graham's ankle was giving him problems. However, they all still were jumping as hard as they could at the end of the hour. In 15 days, we have been to jump 13 times. That isn't too bad.
  • On the way there and back we listened to our book. We are listening to Wonder, and it is so very good. I love listening to books in the car because everyone is so quiet on the entire ride. Once at home, we had a few minutes before Robby and I started on supper.
  • Supper was a hit tonight-quesadillas without refried beans. Robby and I like refried beans in our quesadillas, but the kids do not. We don't really care, but unfortunately, tonight we were out of beans so they were pleased! Afterwards, it was time for showers and a little bit of tv watching this evening.

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