February 14, 2019-Happy Valentine's Day!

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  • I was up early enough this morning to make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for the kids' breakfast. It was even early enough that I didn't have to talk to anyone while I was baking either. Once I had the muffins in the oven, I woke everyone up. Graham had been the only one awake this morning.
  • When I pulled the muffins out of the oven, we called the kids to gather to pass out our Valentine Day goodies. We had some candy for everyone plus 6 month passes to Third Realm. That was a pretty huge gift that everyone was super excited about. 
  • As always, Robby and I went all out this Valentine's Day. He had my annual gift of a calendar with the kids' pictures on it. He also had bought me orange flavored Tums. He is my big romantic! Ha! I had actually been complaining about our tropical flavored tums for weeks now. Now, Robby wasn't the only one giving out fancy smancy Valentine gifts. I gave him a package of Snicker's bars. 
  • After we passed out gifts, it was time to start on our school work for the day. I didn't have the kids fold laundry today because it was still in the dryer when they started on their own school work. I know it doesn't sound like a bit deal, but having the laundry folded and the dishes emptied by the time school is over is a super win in my book.
  • We had our lunch and then started on our chores. We had a fairly short afternoon, but we were able to accomplish a few things. We did our afternoon reading, and Anderson worked on his East project. 
  • Then it was time to load up for our first visit to Third Realm. You better believe that I will make sure that we get our money worth out of those passes. Yes, I am already keeping a list of our jumping visits. 
  • The kids enjoyed jumping today. They all seemed to have a lot of fun. I am sure that there are a lot of pictures on my camera because Reagan and Anderson both had it during our Third Realm visit. Whitman probably enjoyed jumping more than anyone else because more than anything else right now, he wants to have his own trampoline.
  • We came home for a little bit, but all too soon it was time to take Anderson to his last basketball practice. While he was there, Robby and I ran a few errands-first to pick up Chinese food for me and then to pick up pizza for him. That is pretty much our traditional Valentine's supper or at least our traditional near-Valentine's supper.
  • When we did make it home, everyone was starving so we quickly ate. Then we all snuggled up in the living room to watch a Bates. We started at just the right time so the show would end at bedtime. However, we didn't realize that the show was an hour longer than usual so that certainly messed up our bedtime.

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