February 18, 2019

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  • We will begin with the Dennie family sickness update: 
    • Robby: feeling much better. He even left the house twice today and feels much better than yesterday.
    • Tara: still have drainage and a sore throat but feels fine
    • Reagan: Of the 14 girls that stayed in the house she was at this weekend, there is one flu diagnosis and 5 others who are sickly. Reagan included with fever, sore throat and coughing. She even took medicine tonight without a fight.
    • Anderson: Coughing still but feels fine.
    • Graham: Healthy and trying to avoid all other family members.
    • Campbell: Coughing and low grade fever. She threw up a bit before I made it home tonight hopefully due to medicine on her empty tummy.
    • Keaton: Healthy
    • Whitman: When he has fever he is pitiful, but when he doesn't he just has a slight cough.
  • The night was long last night. Robby started off in our bed but soon left when Whitman crawled in our bed. Not only did Whitman crawl in my bed, but he brought his water bottle and huge Spiderman pillow. 
  • Whitman must sleep with his water bottle in his hand. Every time he rolled over, he would swing that water bottle. In the beginning of the night, it was still cold so I knew there was still time to sleep. Eventually that water bottle warmed up and I knew that morning was coming. 
  • I did wake right up at 6 with Campbell standing beside me. She asked to take a shower to which I certainly agreed. If you are sick enough to take a shower at 6 in the morning, then you are sick. Her shower was quick and soon we were all back asleep until 9.
  • We didn't see Reagan for most of the day today. When she did come down, we could tell that she didn't feel all that great. She was pitiful enough that Robby volunteered to go and get her a smoothie. He also picked up everyone else a lunch at ChickFilA. 
  • This afternoon Robby took everyone but Whitman and Reagan to Third Realm. Poor Whitman didn't even seem to care that everyone else was leaving. When I told him that we were going to take a nap, he also gladly came to the couch with me. After an hour though, he woke right up and went back to his ipad. 
  • The others came home and had all had a great time. Graham said that it is his goal to dunk by the end of our Third Realm visits. Hopefully, he can do that. I soon headed out to Bunko with the girls.
  • Robby had everyone shower and fixed supper for the crew. He also handed out medicine for everyone before putting everyone in bed. Hopefully everyone will sleep tonight and feel much better in the morning.

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