February 8, 2019

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  • I did turn off the tv last night when I went to sleep so I was sleeping pretty soundly when Anderson came in my room to ask to borrow my phone. He needed it to do some of his math work. Yes, you read that correctly; Anderson was the one working on school work before her officially had to.
  • It probably helped motivate him that him and Graham were leaving for a birthday party at 10:15 this morning. I had made sure they knew that they would need to work ahead this week, and surprisingly they had. After finishing math, Anderson was bringing me a notebook of stuff to show me while I was still hitting snooze on my alarm clock. Needless to say, by the time the kids started on their individual work, he was just waiting on me to check his math.
  • I did scurry upstairs to wake up Campbell so she could make muffins for our breakfast. We had set everything out last night. I knew that Campbell wanted to make them by herself, but I also knew that if I whispered to Keaton that we were making muffins downstairs she would jump out of bed to go and help. So Campbell and Keaton made our muffins this morning.
  • While the baked, we started our morning reading. We did stop to pull the muffins out of the oven, and then continued our reading. Of course after eating muffins in my bedroom, we did have to vacuum, but that was fine because I had some fold laundry while someone vacuumed. 
  • Anderson and Graham finished their school work, put their clothes on and waited patiently for their ride to Third Realm. It was a load of boys there for Ethan's birthday party. They had pizza and cupcakes. When I picked them up after lunch, they both kept telling me how much fun they had.
  • While the boys were gone, Campbell was not pleased at all that she was still at home and had to do her school work. Everyone still finished in time for me to do a little bit of school prep before we had our lunch. Each week, I have to pull out school work for everyone but Whitman. It takes me a good hour to do, but makes everything each day go much more smooth. 
  • When I pull out Whitman's school work, I prepare enough school work for a month. So I lay out 16 piles of work for each day. Now, this doesn't take too long, but it is something that I dread. So imagine my disgust when I went to my drawer that should have Whitman's work and found it empty. Needless to say, I did lots of school prep this afternoon.
  • Campbell and Keaton were also busy this afternoon. They were busy almost burning the kitchen down. They tried to melt some chocolate chips in the microwave. Not surprisingly, a minute in the microwave is too long. It is actually long enough to melt a bowl! I might possibly have been snoozing this entire time. I did hear words like "take it outside" "open the doors" and "light a candle." Campbell was able to handle everything so I didn't move too far. 
  • I did move pretty quickly later when I it was time for us to get ready for Night to Shine tonight. Our job was cheering the guests as they walked along the red carpet. First the volunteers had supper and delicious cookies. Then it on to our assigned spots.
  • We cheered and hollered for about 200 folks as they walked the red carpet. My hands were aching and red when the guests finally slowed down. It was lots of fun and we didn't even stay until the end. After the red carpet was over, we walked around the church house. The fellowship hall was full of folks eating and dancing, the preteen room was turning into a karaoke area and there were even limo rides around the parking lot. It was a happening place.
  • Robby flew back in while we were at church and even ran to pick us up some ice cream before we all met up at home. Then we ran to the Wilson's house for a little bit this evening. We ate ice cream and caught up on our conversation. 

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