February 1, 2019

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  • First I will try to take a few deep breaths before I write all of this blog. I will say though that I just finished pulling out school for next week. That went well, but when I do this, I also double check all of the kids' work from the week before. That didn't go so well.
  • They are supposed to show me every single thing that they do each day. No matter what it is, I need to see it. They are also supposed to tell me when they do things that isn't paperwork (like reading, computer math, geography on the ipad or typing for example.) For the most part, I do see everything, but sometimes I don't see some things. 
  • I even have a check list of the major things each day that I check off to make sure that I see it-like math, writing, etc. I know that I pay more attention to Campbell, Keaton and Whitman on their school work than the big kids. Graham is a rule follower and wants to get everything right so I also see everything of his. He used to be the child that would hide his work around the house so he wouldn't have to do it! Guess we beat that out of him.
  • Keaton and I were gone this morning so the kids were on their own for most of school. I did make everyone do their math first so I could check it before I left, but the rest was for them to do while I was gone. Campbell did skip a few things but I quickly noticed them when I got home. 
  • But tonight was when I found Anderson's skipped writing work. I write down the page numbers they are to do so there is really no getting out of it. That made me pretty mad, but when I found Reagan's skipped writing along with her handwriting and reading, I was livid. Saturday school will take place tomorrow for those two slackers!
  • I do feel better after venting for a bit! Keaton and I were gone this morning because she had an appointment for an excema study. We were there for a little bit, but the ladies doing the study were fairly entertaining. Keaton should get a few bucks from the study and hopefully, we will find something that will help her excema right now. It is pretty bad.
  • After the appointment, she convinced me to buy her a Sonic drink. I had a free little hamburger there which reminded me of our free Dairy Queen burgers. Since I was right nearby, I came home with lunch for everyone. 
  • We then started on chores. Of course, the kids said that they had finished their chores while I was gone. One child even told us that he had dusted the bonus room. However, Robby who was eating lunch downstairs with us was quick to question that chore since Robby had been working in the bonus room all morning and hadn't seen him come in and dust! 
  • Now, another child had dusted and not only did she dust but she sprayed most of the tile in my closet with dust spray. If you don't know, that makes the floor slipperier than ice. I understand why some momma's drink! Ha! 
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to take Whitman home with them. He spent the night over there and was super excited about it. He just sent me a picture and a text that said "hi." He is learning the texting thing-it is pretty entertaining.
  • Soon everyone else loaded up for the evening. We dropped off Campbell at Nonna's house to spend the night. She made cookies and delivered to them to Nonna's neighbor. So I know that she loved every minute of that.
  • Then I dropped off Reagan, Anderson and Graham at East and switched kids with Sara. She took Keaton home with her for Lily's birthday party while I took Noah with me after East. Robby and I met up at the grocery store during East to do some shopping. I am not really sure what all we bought, but we did spend 200 bucks!
  • Then I picked up the Easters and dropped the boys off at basketball. Then Reagan and I met Robby at On the Border. We ate their for supper and we are always amazed at how quickly you can get a table at a place when you have a small number of people with you. 
  • Afterwards, Robby picked up the boys while Reagan and I headed home. I started on school work which is why we started where we did on the blog! Today was the last day of our busy week and overall, it was a pretty great week despite the school work fiasco!

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